Gasp x Guest Mix

Gasp x Guest Mix

Meet the NZ-based producer forging his own path at 17 years of age - Gasp.

A few weeks back we decided to set up our own Soundcloud to give us free reign to post all the rad new music we discover through the Pilerats website, and avoid any confusion with our own Pilerats Records releases. It also gives us the opportunity to host some guest mixes moving forward, kicking off with this one from 17-year-old New Zealand-based producer Eden Burns AKA Gasp. Having already had guest mixes with the likes of THUMP and Red Bull Studios Auckland, Gasp's keen interest in the house genre bucks the trend of New Zealand's love affair with drum'n'bass in the past. Take a listen below, and check the brief chat we had with the young gun after that:

Hey Eden, thanks for answering a few questions and sending us the mix! First up, you’re only 17, but you’ve been making music in bands and on your own for some time now, what first prompted the shift from bands into production?

The band I was in at the time broke up and I still wanted to make music, I was getting in to a lot of electronic music at the time so I thought I would give it a shot.

Has that background playing in bands assisted you in some ways when it’s come to working on your own productions?

Yeah for sure! I use a lot of live percussion I think this is because I come from a drumming background.

New Zealand is a country we often associated with drum’n’bass and dubstep, similar to the above question, what were your first explorations into house, and is there a healthy house scene over there?

When I was about 11 years old my mum bought me a Ministry Of Sounds CD haha - I think that was the first time I heard house music. At the moment I think there is a really strong scene, there is a handful of promoters bringing over great house acts all the time.

Given the d’n’b scene is so strong in NZ, what’s it like for a young producer like yourself coming up busting out 4x4 tunes – are crowds pretty receptive to your sounds (or at least getting more-so)?

Most of the time people seem to really like it (I think)! I have had a few really shit crowds though... A few months ago I got booed of the decks by a mob of drum’n’bass enthusiasts haha.

If you had to describe your music to someone who’d never heard you before – what kinda comparisons would you make and who are some artists you look up to – be it in house or otherwise?

Um it's weird house music I guess. I really look up to Seth Troxler, French Fries, RedLight and Benton just to name a few!

You’re part of a collective called The Secret Club that features artists like Polo who did a killer remix of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown. How did you come in contact with like Polo and how did the collective form?

I met Polo on the internet haha, we started chatting quite a bit and about a year later he started Secret Club.

You’ve already played alongside some big artists in the electronic world, although I imagine you’ve had to have a guardian for these kinds of shows and club shows, what’s your parents take on it and do they ever get on the dancefloor at your shows (if they’re taking on the “guardian” role)?

My mum is super chill and supportive with the whole music thing! Most of the time I don’t have a guardian at shows, I look a bit older then my age so I don’t get pulled up about it to much.

You’re pretty active on social media, and Soundcloud, how important is it being switched on in those areas as a young artist coming through?

I think it's really important, especially if you’re an independent artist like myself.

Thanks for the mix man! Can you tell us a little about what we’re gonna hear in it?

It's a 30 minute mix of old and new house/garage! It also features some unreleased tunes from myself!

And finally what’s coming up for you in the new year – be it release wise or show wise – any chance you’ll be getting over to Aus’ any time soon?

I am releasing a few colabs really soon with Daffy and Chores. Show-wise I am performing at Rhythm & Vines festival this NYE witch should be really cool: Midland, Mi Sex, Danny Brown and a bunch more acts are playing there so I am really looking forward to that. Sadly I have no dates locked in for Aus' but it's definitely on the cards for 2015.

Thanks dude, looking forward to your responses!

Cheers for the Q&A Pilerats!


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