Friday Freebie: Triple Threat

Friday Freebie: Triple Threat

New music from weakling, LO'99 and Raph Lauren's newest.

With the internet's penchant for releasing a crazy amount of new music for free, it was foolish to think we'd be able to keep this Friday Freebie column to one tune per week. With that in mind, here's three new tracks we came across this week which you can download for free. A couple of housey ones, plus Raph Lauren's latest, which was originally only available in Ryan Hemsworth's "Cool DJ Mix" earlier this year. Let's start with that one...


First time I heard this the Aussie-as vocal sample was kinda jarring, but it very quickly just felt really natural and awesome in this track. This is Raph Lauren's second single, and it's two for two as far as we're concerned. A really left-field take on future-beats, we're really looking forward seeing what comes next.


Brisbane-based producer weakling has been doin' his thing for a few years, and while this is the first taste of weakling we've been fortunate enought to stumble across, it definitely had us digging through his back catalogue. The press release states it best - an icey cool mix of the likes of Caribou and Ben Pearce, this rolling house number ticks a lot of my house-leaning boxes, particularly the funky percussion, super-soulful vocals and winding bassline.


This remix of Pilerats' fave Terace's Halfway track brings the more straight-up house vibes from LO'99 (particularly those hi-hats), but as soon as it kicks in there's nothing left to do but pump those fists and get ravey. This is early days for LO'99, and follows a couple of cool edits - looking forward to those originals when they get here pal!

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