Elizabeth Rose @ GoodGod Small Club

Elizabeth Rose @ GoodGod Small Club

Elizabeth Rose had GoodGod in her palm with some distinctive '90s R&B influences.

Amidst much hip-swaying, mind-bending strobes and beer spray Elizabeth Rose took over the GoodGod danceteria to take the crowd on a sonic journey to the '90s with her R&B influences. Live, Elizabeth Rose overwhelmed her more timid sounding studio recordings with raw, pulsating beats.

The ever-fashionable Elizabeth Maniscalco ascended onto the intimate stage in an outfit designed by Estate Of Mind and after a few minor sound problems got the show under way. Playing a mix of tracks from her debut EP, Crystallise such as the intoxicatingly smooth Again with it’s ever-catchy pop hooks, and her first single Ready, which saw everyone singing along. Elizabeth Rose also treated the crowd to a number of tracks off her upcoming EP such as Sensibility, but the stand out new song was Only Me, which featured VCS. It was an instant hit because of the ease in which their voices melded together serving up the perfect dosage of grooving.

Elizabeth then launched into her Like A Version of Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night, which was the highlight of the night as the older members of the crowd remembered it from days of their bye-gone youth. Unfortunately, I was not actively present in school discos to hear this song despite being the senior age of five years old. Elizabeth then closed off the night with her latest single, The Good Life, which saw the crowd erupt into cheers as they swayed along to the offbeat kicks and vocal hooks of Elizabeth.

If her live performance is anything to gauge by the standard of her upcoming EP, it seemed to crammed pack with '90s influences that you should be eager to hear.

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