I OH YOU - Mixtape Premiere/Text Message Interview

I OH YOU - Mixtape Premiere/Text Message Interview

The masterminds behind I OH YOU get texting and celebrate the next Hospital Mixtape premiere.

It's been a huge year for I OH YOU, but let's keep it to the recent times - more specifically the announcement just last night I OH YOU were crownded Best Independent Label at the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards, along with Violent Soho's Hungry Ghost record grabbing a couple of gongs. It comes following some killer new signees joining the fun in 2014 in DMA's and Montgomery, LOLs touring with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for Listen Out, a new merch STORE, and just general Australian domination. They're some of our favourite humans, and before the awards flowed in last night, we jumped on the old iPhone for a quick pow wow to talk all of these things, along with plenty of I OH YOU DJs discussions, to coincide with the premiere today of their next Take Me To The Hospital Mixtape (hear the first HERE).

We love these dudes, and you guys clearly do too, so click play on the mixtape below, and get to know them a little better in a format you understand very well.

IOHYOU txtmsg 1

IOHYOU txtmsg 2

IOHYOU txtmsg 3


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