Hermitude's Most Memorable New Years Eve

Hermitude's Most Memorable New Years Eve

Hermitude chat about New Years and more acts are added to NYE On The Harbour.

Hermitude are a formidable force live; with a clear effort made to actually re-create a live performance at every gig they play, which sees the energy become almost palatable in the air. And ahead of their headlining set at NYE On The Harbour we got a hold of Hermitude to spill the guts on what their most memorable New Years Eve was...

"One of the most memorable NYE moments for us was Falls Festival 2013 in Lorne, Victoria. We played right after midnight on the main stage, Vampire Weekend had just torn the place to shreds and the party was in full swing. As you can imagine, we were somewhat nervous...maybe nervous as fuck explains it better. Just before we went on someone threw a flare onstage, it landed right into a tangled pile of leads and cable on the monitoring console side of stage. Shit was hectic, there were flames, sparks and dudes running around with fire extinguishers. The stage manager came over and was like, "2 mins till you guys are on." Whoa. So we went on and the crowd was fucking insane, like bananas. People were dressed up, there was a massive cock and balls floating around the crowd...good times. It wasn't until after our set that our sound guy came up to us and mentioned that he almost died while mixing our set. Apparently a bunch of people had jumped on the roof of the front of house sound structure and were dancing around, then the roof caved in, a massive beam of hard wood fell across the sound console and missed crushing our engineer by about 5cm. All in all, it was an incredible NYE show, everyone had a blast and no one got killed."

The already solid NYE On The Harbour lineup has also just expanded to include:

The Aston Shuffle

Young Franco

Mickey Kojak


Keep It Simple DJs

Bronx Mickey D

Falcona DJs

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