Aela Kae - Pure Zone

Aela Kae - Pure Zone

Stripped-back, soaring pop coming straight out of Sydney.

This is the third time I've written about a Breaknative artist for Pilerats, you might as well start suspecting that they're bribing me to do this but don't worry I haven't recieved any bribes yet...

Tingling synths open up Aela Kae's first single, Pure Zone, before her voice, reminiscent of Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR, grabs your attention. From there the 18-year-old Sydney based producer/vocalist adds in a slather of piano that emphasises her defiant, reverb-tinged voice. It's a stripped back affair which allows Kae's voice to breath, making every moment all the more intriuging as you aren't assaulted, but almost seduced. It's a refreshing change from the aggressive, loud production style that has come to dominate so much music and its sense of quiet makes a noise of its own that we could all get used to hearing. 


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