New Music: Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)

New Music: Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)

The Golden Features goose has laid two golden eggs today; a remix and an original.

Golden Features entered the music scene as a storm-cloud of mystery in February of this year, attracting the curiosity of music commentators everywhere, who began penning speculative articles (Golden Features Is Big In Australia Right Now – But Who Is He?) It didn’t take long for that cloud to crack open (Golden Features reveals his secret identity!) and for Sydney producer Tom Stell to rain down showers of tantalizing electronica upon us; as 2014 progressed, Stell continued to drench us with moody bass and strike us with lightning hooks: Tell Me, Guillotine, Factory... throw in a bunch of incredible audiovisual shows at festivals and clubs across the country and as we near the end of 2014, Stell’s indelibly carved a strong statement in the Australian contemporary electronic landscape.

Someone whose always backed Stell from the beginning, and was one of the first to say the Golden Features EP was "awesome!", is US producer-du-jour Porter Robinson: today Stell has returned the favour, remixing Robinson's track Years of War, from Robinson's highly acclaimed album Worlds, released earlier this year. Steam the track below, and head to Golden Features Facebook Page for a free download.

The Golden Features goose has laid two golden eggs today: BoltCutter is a new track Stell has made as part of the Jack Daniels Future Legends project, which gets behind music artists on the rise, supporting them in their exploration of the full possibilities of their talent.

For the project, Stell took field recordings of all sorts of sounds - graffiti spray cans shaking, squeaky escalators, pinball flippers, tram doors closing – then took those sounds into the studio and got working at the production desk, utilizing his signature dark house production techniques, to - fairly remarkably - come up with an product in only a matter of days.

It's an industrial-sounding number, with a pared-back beginning that gently crescendoes into a thick, weighty, squelching chorus, showcasing Golden Features' talent for creating contrasts between light and dark in his productions, culminating in a track rich in atmosphere. 

Stream Boltcutter below:


Header image by Slice of Life Photography.

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