Wave Rock Weekender drop their 2020 lineup, sells out in five minutes

Wave Rock Weekender drop their 2020 lineup, sells out in five minutes

The West Australian festival - an institution for our live music scene - is pushing ahead in 2020, with one hell of a lineup.


This year's Wave Rock Weekender sold out in a record five minutes, with all tickets to the festival running out by the time the clock ticked over to 8:05AM this morning.

If you got one, lucky you! You're going to see some of Western Australia's best acts, in one of the state's most remarkable and beautiful areas, amongst some incredible people. If not, well I guess that goes to show the demand for music festivals in the state after a long few months of next-to-no events whatsoever. 

Stay tuned on the Wave Rock Weekender socials in case more go in sale (going to level five restrictions could increase capacity, depending on how the next few months go over on the east coast), but otherwise, stay tuned to the Pilerats socials tomorrow, where we've got the brilliant, Wave Rock-headlining Spacey Jane performing a few songs as we bring back #LiveSessions in a big way.


If you live in West Australia and are a fan of local music, then chances are the Wave Rock Weekender is something you've already done, or always wanted to do. Over the last 15 years (!), the weekend-long festival has become somewhat of an institution to West Australia's music world, often capturing the best of the state's music space in that year - and then some - and mashing it together with some of the best vibes you can get for a festival of its size. 

It's built around the infamous Wave Rock sculpture and the adjoining caravan park, which for the space of a weekend, turns into a hot-spot for kids from all over the country. There are three days worth of live music all on one stage - so you don't have to worry about clashes and the likes - plus the usual affair that's made the festival so much more than just a music event, from late-night districts to 24-hour cinemas, projections and art pieces to salt ponds and yoga, plus all the other stuff too. 

This year, despite everything going on and its impact to the larger music festival industry, Wave Rock Weekender is going ahead this September, largely thanks to the efforts of the WA Government - Mark McGowan especially - in eradicating the virus and keeping on top of things over the last few months, which means there's been no community transmission for over three months (meaning yes, it's perfectly safe to have a festival in West Australia, and Wave Rock Weekender - being one of the best - are deserving to have a crack of it in 2020).

Today, the official 2020 Wave Rock Weekender lineup has arrived, and it's something well and truly worthy of attention. It's a lineup that captures West Australia's music scene over the last few years, from the greats - those that can sell out shows interstate, if not overseas - right down to those that should be on your radar, ready to emerge with a break-out single surely on the near horizon. There's also a handful of Wave Rock Weekender favourites; the Wave Rock Allstars, for example, being a group celebrated across Wave Rock's history.

It's led by an unstoppable collection of acts that really showcase the peaks of West Australia's current-day music scene: POND, Spacey Jane, San Cisco, Stella Donnelly and Psychadelic Porn Crumpets leading the charge after a mammoth few years behind them all. Underneath, there's a couple of other names you probably know - Adrian Dzvuke, Carla Geneve, Great Gable, Southern River Band, Teischa, Grievous Bodily Calm and so on - and plenty more that could soon be your favourite band.

It runs from Friday September 25th to Monday September 28th this year, with tickets on sale tomorrow - Wednesday, August 12th - via Oztix here. In the meantime, take a dive into the full 2020 Wave Rock Weekender lineup below, and start filing in your leave requests before everyone else beats you to it:

Wave Rock Weekender 2020 Lineup: 

wave rock weekender 2020 lineup

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