The State of Music: Introducing Victoria’s next-ups through its biggest stars

The State of Music: Introducing Victoria’s next-ups through its biggest stars

The series will run its fourth and final episode this Friday September 18th, with Ed Moon, Akosia and JAYDEAN.

Since the coronavirus-induced lockdowns began to immediately impact the country’s live music market, people have gotten to work, discovering ways to share the beauty and brilliance of live performances both online - in many differing ways - and more recently, in real life (while adhering to state rules and regulations, that is).

The State of Music - an initiative between Mushroom Group and Victoria Together - was one of the first big ones; a six-episode series of live music released throughout May and June that brought some of the country’s most brilliant musicians together from various locations around Australia: Birds of Tokyo, G Flip, Montaigne, Vera Blue, Paul Kelly, Alex Lahey. Mo’Ju, Gordi, Mansionair, Lime Cordiale, Alice Skye, DMA’s, Stella Donnelly and Violent Soho being just a fraction of the acts included.

It was a runaway success that showed that even with coronavirus restrictions, live music could be a thing that could adapt and flourish with the trying times - even go beyond what it could in the past, and reach people largely seen as too difficult or costly to tour for: regional areas, under-18s, international audiences and so on. It proved that there was a space for live music online, and furthermore, proved that live music discovery could still prosper - someone who’d be drawn by a performance by Paul Kelly, for example, would also find performances by Mo’Ju and Mec Mag; The Rubens fans introduced to D’Arcy Spiller and Fergus James, and so on.

The recently airing Introducing series doubles down on that, being an extension on The State of Music series that takes some of Victoria’s most brilliant and notable acts through history and gives them the opportunity to introduce a new artist, someone many people may not be aware of commercially. So far, they’ve done three episodes, filmed throughout the state featuring a wealth of Victorian talent that span across different genres and flavours.

The first episode featured Paul Kelly introducing Jess Hitchcock, The Chats’ Eamon Sandwith introducing CLAMM, and The Teskey Brothers’ Josh Teskey introducing Gena Rose Bruce - three artists that represent three different facets of Victoria’s wide-ranging indie-pop-rock-punk-esque worlds and the exciting next-generation building within.

The second episode enlisted Alex Lahey to introduce Nancie Schipper, You Am I’s Tim Rogers to welcome Pollyman and recent chart-toppers Vika & Linda to introduce rising Indigenous talent Kee’ahn. The third episode, which aired last week, saw Archie Roach intro Dallas Woods, Lime Cordiale intro Nat Vazer, and Daryl Braithwaite welcome Ella J.

Now, we’re moving towards the fourth and final episode of the Introducing series, which once again, will highlight the wonders of Victoria's next-up, and how regardless of what genre you're talking about, there's always someone bound to be flying the flag for the next generation - something that's become long-synonymous with Victoria's community-build music space, but especially so when they've gone to the edge and back due to multiple rounds of lockdown all but reducing chances of live music throughout much of 2020 to a near-none.

This time around, the ever-brilliant Matt Corby will introduce Morning Peninsula-based musician Ed Moon - someone who is quickly being associated with tomorrow's indie-soul-esque world; the unstoppable Tones and I will introduce another mesmerising musician within the neo-soul niche through Melbourne's Akosia, while Ruel - who just kickstarted a new EP campaign, with a new single fresh off the press - will introduce JAYDEAN, someone who has toured alongside Ruel, and someone who we ourselves have called a face of the next generation.

Episode Four of The State Of Music: Introducing will air on Friday, September 18th from 5:30PM AWST / 7:30PM AEST via the Victoria Together Facebook, Youtube and Website, but to tie you over until then, take a dive into the performances that have built to this climactic moment - you'll soon work out that they're something remarkably special, if you weren't aware already.

Episode 1: 

Paul Kelly introduced Jess Hitchcock
Eamon Sandwith (The Chats) introduced CLAMM
Josh Teskey (The Teskey Brothers) introduced Gena Rose Bruce

Episode 2: 

Alex Lahey introduced Nancie Schipper
Tim Rogers (You Am I) introduced Pollyman
Vika & Linda introduced Kee’ahn

Episode 3: 

Archie Roach introduced DALLAS WOODS
Lime Cordiale introduced Nat Vazer
Daryl Braithwaite introduced Ella J

Episode 4, airing Friday September 18th at 7:30PM AWST: 

the state of music introducing episode four

Watch The State of Music: Introducing - Episode Four via the Victoria Together FacebookYoutube and Website.

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