Ruel, What So Not, The Presets + more: Meet your Factory Summer Festival 2020 lineup

Ruel, What So Not, The Presets + more: Meet your Factory Summer Festival 2020 lineup

Formerly known as Ice Cream Factory, the Perth favourite is undergoing a name change, going national, and dropping another supreme lineup.

If you've been caught in a Perth summer over the last few years, then chances are the 'Ice Cream Factory' is a name that brings half-excitement, half-terror (to your wallets and livers, that is). Over the last few years, the festival-of-sorts has blossomed into a defining part of the Perth summer, capturing a festival's worth of Australian musicians, spreading them out over the course of a few weeks in the depths of December, and loading them up with everything you could dream of from a boozy, musical/entertainment dream.

They're synonymous with the Perth live music space - particularly in the summer, a time often dominated by outer-state festival promoters - but now, that's changing. In 2020, the event is getting a bit of a shake up. Now, it's titled Factory Summer Festival, dropping the 'ice cream' out of its name as it expands beyond the Perth location that initially gave it its name (a.k.a the former site of an actual icecream factory, once upon a time). That's not to say that it's changing location per se, but rather getting new ones: Perth, Brisbane and eventually, Melbourne will all experience the musical haze of Ice Cream Factory come 2020/2021.

In Perth and Brisbane, Factory Summer Festival will come to Ice Cream Factory and Victoria Parklands respectively, across three weeks from December 11 to 31. Then, in March - providing everything goes well - Victorians will get a taste, with the event visiting Federation Square from March 19th to April 5th, 2021. (In the case of an ongoing COVID resurgence breaking out in Queensland and/or Western Australia, the founders have confirmed that second dates similar to Victoria's in March has also been booked for all the artists, meaning that nothing is in the air if something goes wrong (but touch wood it doesn't)).

In terms of the lineup, it's quintessential Summer, featuring some brilliant talent plucked from Australia (and little sneak peeks from beyond, too). Ruel, What So Not, The Presets, Northeast Party House, Nina Las Vegas, Illy, GRAACE and Anna Lunoe lead the way at all shows, as well as Cassian, Benson, Example, Jess Kent, Jesswar, Motez, Shockone, Stace Cadet and more. Additionally, Confidence Man and Cosmo's Midnight will play exclusively to Brisbane and Perth exclusively, while Vera Blue will be exclusive to Brisbane.

There's an exciting summer ahead by the sounds of it, and Factory Summer Festival is just the start. For more information, head to their website, but other than that, take a dive into the full line-up below.

factory summer festival announce

Factory Summer Festival 2020/2021 Lineup: 

Anna Lunoe
Confidence Man *Brisbane Only
Cosmo’s Midnight *Perth Only
Dirty South
Elise Keddie
Jess Kent
Lucille Croft
Nina Las Vegas
Northeast Party House
Peking Duk [DJ Set] *Perth & Brisbane Only
The Presets *Perth & Brisbane Only
Stace Cadet
Vera Blue *Brisbane Only
What So Not

+ more to be announced

Factory Summer Festival 2020/2021: 

Ice Cream Factory (92 Roe Street, Northbridge, 6000) - 11 – 31 December 2020
Victoria Parklands (271 Gilchrist Avenue, Brisbane, 4006) - 11 – 31 December 2020
Federation Square (Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne, 3000) - 19 March – 5 April 2021

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