The Rock x Baywatch

The Rock x Baywatch

The Rock’s “Raunchy” Baywatch Movie is go. 10/10 would watch.

The first full length film adaptation of Baywatch (well, that’s if we turn a blind eye to 1995’s direct-to-VHS Hidden Paradise) has been in development for years and is now once again picking up steam with a new writer and director team, after a series of different directors and writers have come and gone. Over the years, the movie’s changed in style from a potential serious drama to a goofball comedy and whilst there’s no word yet as to tone, it looks to remain the latter, with comedy writer Justin Malen rewriting the script (Malen’s an underground star waiting to rise - his script Bastards made The Blacklist, an annual list of the most popular unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, and is now scheduled to start filming in March with Jason Sudeikis starring), with Sean Anders and John Morris (We’re the MillersHorrible Bosses 2Hot Tub Time Machine) directing. No production dates as yet, but things are moving quickly.

The real clincher though is the possibility of seeing former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s hulking frame in a pair of tiny red swimming shorts – Johnson has confirmed his involvement in the film. Johnson is legitimately hilarious, and hopefully Baywatch will give him the rarely seen chance to flex his comedy muscles as he navigates the perilous shores of Santa Monica - see header Instagram photo for proof. 

Referred to in the industry as “Franchise Viagra” due to his ability to bring a certain kind of charisma to a new franchise, A-lister Dwayne Johnson is also currently working on Warner Bros.' Shazam movie, which will feature the former wrestler playing the villain/anti-hero known as Black Adam. If you need a shirtless dose of Dwayne before then, catch him in the recently released Hercules, you can also look forward to his appearance in action-adventure disaster film San Andreas, which recently wrapped, and was mostly shot on the Gold Coast. Said The Rock of his time down under: “Being able to call Australia “home” has been a true pleasure and unforgettable experience - the fans, the love, the filming, the crew, the workouts, the food and all our dirty jokes.” THE WORKOUTS.

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