Producer duo HWLS to live soundtrack iconic skate film

Producer duo HWLS to live soundtrack iconic skate film

Oakley's pop-up skate space in Sydney has your Friday night sorted.

The idea of Perth producer power duo HWLS (Ta-Ku and Kit Pop) doing a live film score to a skate film is tantalising enough, let alone the thought of them doing a live film score in a skateboarding rink. A skate rink, that has its own bar. Hats off (or should we say, sunglasses on?) to Oakley for this inspired night out, which is a part of their new Oakley In Residence pop-up creative/skate space in Sydney. 

The film HWLS will be scoring is one is pretty highly regarded - Yeah Right!, by GIRL Skateboards (the partnership of Spike Jonze and Ty Evans). Back when this flick came out in 2003, it was some pretty pioneering stuff that really broke away from the run-of-the-mill skate films out there, really nailing the energy and excitement of street skateboarding in a way other flicks had thus far, not nailed. Employing a bunch of special effects, and filmed in 35mm (tricky editing-wise when a skater takes a fair bit of time to land difficult tricks), Yeah Right! was the first film to really make an "art" out of skateboarding. I'll always remember the awesome scene in which the skater's board is erased via some whizz-bang greenscreening, so he goes on a ride through the city seemingly on an invisible board, and the scene where Owen Wilson (yep, that Owen Wilson - he cameos) is replaced within the course of a trick by a pro skater in a wig and glasses resembling him (who actually completes the trick instead of Wilson, who is obviously not a skater).

We recently spent a day getting to know the guys in HWLS a little better - watch below, and check all the details for Yeah Right! down the bottom.

A Day With: HWLS. "We don't ...jam it out. We're not the kind of duo to be like "Hey, you feelin' this chord?" HWLS is the collaborative project of Australian producers Ta-ku and Kit Pop. Together they make dynamic, evolved club music, grounded by elements of progressive bass, and trap. Off-duty, their friendship runs deep. We spend a day with the duo: video games, Vietnamese, home studio history...and ball.

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Friday November 20 is the night to get down there to see the live score in action - RSVP HERE. Nighthawk Diner's got dinner covered, and bevs will be provided from Budweiser, Bulleit Bourbon and Schweppes. Fingers crossed the guys make their soundtrack available after the event so the rest of us non-Sydneysiders can sync it up with the visuals and watch Yeah Right x HWLS at home! 


Yeah Right! featuring live soundtrack by HWLS
Friday November 20, 7pm
Oakley In Residence: Sydney
74 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

There's a bunch of stuff besides this night going on at the space - visit the Oakley In Residence: Sydney website for the full lowdown.


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