We're throwing an 8th B'Day Party, and Dulcie and Coterie are headlining it

We're throwing an 8th B'Day Party, and Dulcie and Coterie are headlining it

We're showcasing some of the best talent WA has to offer, also including Tether, Lo and plenty of others.

Header image by Aaron Webber.

It's our 8th year around the sun, and after one that's been so hectic and unexpected, what better way to celebrate than by throwing a little shindig?

Last year, we celebrated our 7th birthday by throwing a big ol' rave at Jack Rabbit Slim's starring Triple One and Willaris. K, and as much as we'd love to bring some fresh east-coast acts over again this year, we all know that it's impossible due to the (very fair and essential) border closures. However, we still want to throw a bit of a party and welcome back live music to Perth, and what better way to do that after such a turbulent time for our local, West Australian musicians than to celebrate some of the many that we've been highlighting and talking about over the last few months; ones whose initial plans for the year might have not exactly gone down how they wanted it to? 

Enter, our official Pilerats 8th Birthday, coming to Jack Rabbit Slim's on Friday, October 2nd with a lineup full of West Australia's next stars. Included on the lineup is indie-pop four-piece DULCIE; blossoming 2020 break-out COTERIE; adventurous dark-pop trio TETHER; and recently-debuting solo musician LO, who makes an entrance as the solo project of FLOSSY's Lauren O'Hara. In addition, expect DJ sets from the PILERATS DJs themselves, KID CAIRD and the recently-debuting BEXX, a club favourite who just shared their debut single.

Those signature Pilerats party vibes will no doubt be present too, and hey - after a drought of live music for what's felt like forever, a night full of some of the best there is will be sure to be a special night.

We'll cut right to the chase. You can find more information here, and grab your tickets from Oztix here for $24 incl. booking fees and what-not. In the meantime, take a dose of what to expect through one of our favourite Live Sessions of last year, featuring three quarters of our headline act - Dulcie.

Pilerats 8th Birthday

Friday, October 2nd - 8PM - late.
Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Northbridge.


+ Pilerats DJs, BEXX and Kid Caird.

Grab your tickets here.

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