A Couple Of Dudes Are Making A Web Series About Kick-Ons And Need Your Help

A Couple Of Dudes Are Making A Web Series About Kick-Ons And Need Your Help

We are the Kick-On Kids.

The fabled kick-on/bender is something we hold dearly to our hearts. And it's something you guys obviously hold pretty close to your hearts too, given THIS article posing 51 times your kick-on has probably shifted into a bender has pretty quickly become one of our most-read ever. So when James Cripps hit us up to let us know about a new web-series he's trying to get off the ground with fellow producer Jessica Giacco and director Dre Muller documenting the late night antics of the average Aussie punter, it piqued our interest.

As you can see, they've launched an indie-gogo campaign to raise the necessary $15K to get this show off the ground, which is where you and us obviously come in. Movies and TV shows dealing in youth culture are generally a very hit-and-miss affair, for every Skins there's something that tries way too hard to the right notes with our disenfranchised selves, to busy living the life to waste time watching something trying to convey the life. What grabbed us about this project is the ethos behind it, and how it has an eye on changing the free-to-air TV culture. But we'll let Cripps explain it better:

"There is a lack of engaging Australian drama on television that people my age and younger want to watch. This has not only turned the younger audience off Australian TV, but also Australian content. We want to make Australian content that young people will get excited about. We want to change the current norm and the programming decisions of the older generation."

But how is making a web series going to translate to free TV?

"Initially we will be building the audience for Kick On Kids on the Internet, but it’s fast turning into a trend that a web series with an audience is then picked up by a network. If we can engage with and maintain an audience through this strategy, then over time we can start steering things in a better direction – bringing our young audience with us back to free-to-air television. We want to do this for our audience, and our industry, which has lost this market."

The other awesome aspect of the show is their use of independent Australian artists to help score the show, so far seeing the likes of The Ruminaters, Dr Goddard, Salvador Dali Llama, Hero Shade, Flinter, Astrix Little, Zebarah and atOlla contributing music. Click on the widget below to get involved for as little as $10, and perhaps play a part in getting more half-decent TV shows on free-to-air, and slightly less time spent on cooking shows.

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