Here's all the songs we've added to our Sounds From playlists this week

Here's all the songs we've added to our Sounds From playlists this week

Now featuring sounds from the deep south - Tasmania.

Sounds From... is based on the simple idea that it's kinda hard to search for music by its location. Starting Aussie, we made up Spotify playlists that are sorted by state, and housed only the best new music coming out of each area over the course of the past year(ish). The response so far has been great, whether it be people who love their home-state and the unique sounds coming out of it, or bands and booking agents who are looking to head into new territories and need support acts in those areas. We've been updating it regularly, but consider this a little round up of the most recent new music. If we've something, LET US KNOW:

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Gypsy & The Cat - Inside Your Mind

Diet. - The Rip

Fountaineer - Still Life

Darren Middleton - Favours (feat. Missy Higgins)

Ara Koufax - Makers

Huntly - Sunday Sheets

Swim Season - Gold Cloak City

Mistress  - STRONG

Asdasfr Bawd - Underpass

Tourist Dollars - Horse Girl

Oliver Martin - Blind Love

half/cut - Martin Was A Diver

Ocean Sleeper - Sewn Shut

The National Evening Express - Shadow Of a Former Man

Eat The Damn Orange - Show Me Where The Bar Is

Jack and The Kids - Real Again

Self Talk - Hypocrite

Ok Sure Evangeline - My Kingdom (Ok Sure Remix)

Heads of Charm - One Second

Edward Vanzet - Everyday

The Hiding - Karma My Life

Au Dré - Wanna Know?

Crepes – Hidden Star

Tiny Little Houses - Milo Tin

The Drones - Boredom

Tully On Tully - Honestly

Big Smoke - Have You Heard?

Desert Bones - Hard Life

Kill Dirty Youth - Lunatic Fringe

Foreign/National - Tristesse

Camp Cope - Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams

On Diamond - Long Road

The Murlocs - Unknown Disease


Dune Rats - Dalai Lama Big Banana Marjuana

Columbus - Home Remedy

Hey Geronimo - Boredom

Last Dinosaurs - Wurl

Big Bad Echo - Ice Breaker

The Goon Sax - Boyfriend

Peta Pomerenke - Life's Lessons

Faleepo Francisco - Don't Call

Calcarifer - Thinking of you

I AM D - Hit Em'

Feki - Thankful

WALKEN - Eagle Eye


Hound. - Drown

The John Steel Singers - Can You Feel The Future

Landings - My Bones

Yes Sir Noceur - Dreamin'

Baskervillain - Wish You Were Gone


Sarah Blasko - I Wanna Be Your Man

Slumberhaze - Run As Fast As You Can, Kids

Little May - Remind Me

High-Tails - My Heart

The Cat Empire - Bulls

Marcus Whale - My Captain

Us The Band - Ghoul

Brother Colluder - Take Me Home

Kalun Townsend - Believe

Forever Since Breakfast - IKEA Heirloom

ALBY - An Owl

Codi Kaye - My Conscience

Samantha James - Out of My Mind


Ross Henry - The Forester's House

Vanity Riots - Hail Mary

YEEVS - Rebound

Grand Pavilion - Anywhere Feat. Loretta Angus

Lyall Moloney - If You Don't Love Me

The VANNS - I'm Not The One

Hazels - Can't Ignore

Rick Dangerous - Fucking Phil

Lepers & Crooks - Let You Go

PIRRA - Wake Me


Camikaze - Shadows

Lower Spectrum - Masquerade

Ah Trees - Bodies

Matt Gresham - Small Voices

Mayor Dadi - Pink Lake

Moistoyster - Claustrophobic Sitting

PENNY PURR - Tragic Transcripts

Al Muir - Warm Sunshine

Great Gable - Only For You

Kings of the Undead - I Ain't Even Worried

FOAM - Warm

Amberdown - So Wrong

Rogues on the Sea - Letter for Lillian

Ashton Kate - Ghouls

Josh Phillips - One More Try

Severity One - Spent

Moments - Clarity

Zeke Beats - Meltdown

Katie J White - River

Chaos Divine - Badge of Honour

Beni Bjah - Survivor


Nathan May - Falling For You

Concentric Circus - Ampersand and Sand

Tiger Can Smile - Kimberley

How Green - Specks Of Colour

Vercoda - Where did you go

Kettering Bug - Navarone

Cherry Grind - No One Home

Brokers  - Curious Sleep

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Red or White

LEO - Veins

The Drive Home - Uncover


Ruthless - 123456…

Claire Anne Taylor - Judge

Mayhem & Me - Ribs

The Silverbeets - Does Not Equal Ten

Metamorpheus - Electrostatic

Knife Hands - Full House Broken Home

Infernal Outcry - Jaws Of Life

Naked - Critical Half-Arsed

Violet Swells - Gravity Wins Again

Head to the Sounds From... HOME PAGE for more info on each one. 

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