Dude records drunk girls requesting songs, encapsulates entire requesting experience

Dude records drunk girls requesting songs, encapsulates entire requesting experience

"I don't have it." "I HAVE IT and I know you have an iPod plug."

If you know a DJ (and let's be honest, that's all of you), there's a 98% chance they have some solid "annoying people requesting songs" stories. It goes part and parcel with the job unfortunately, and depending on how you handle it, can either be a hilarious story to tell your friends, or really make you depressed about your life getting paid to play music for drunk people. However, unless you've actually been the person fielding drunk hen's nights middle-aged women asking you over and over again to play Drunk In Love by Beyonce, the whole thing can really just sound like your DJ friend is bitching out.

Enter Dub Architect, who isn't actually a DJ, rather a "dub mixer", mixing reggae and dub tunes together in a live fashion. To be honest I wasn't really across the artform in full til I saw his post, but you can watch a video explaining it HERE. It does make the below even worse though, because if there's one thing worse than asking a DJ who granted, is playing other people's songs in a club, it's asking someone who is actually performing live a set they've been asked to do at any given club. Dub Architect posted the below video to his socials last night and it is a painfully accurate representation of what you look and sound like when you ask DJs to play songs for you.

Yes, they know you've got it on your phone. Yes, they're sure ALL of your friends and the rest of the venue will run to the dancefloor once they play the song you want. Yes, they're sure you know the owner and will put in a complaint against you for not bowing to your wishes. Yes, they're sure you're going to give them money for playing that one song...

Anyway, have a watch below, and next time you feel like letting the guy/girl behind the decks know exactly what song this venue needs to suddenly become the most poppin' place in town, maybe just pause a minute, and think to yourself, "You know what, there's probably a reason this person is being paid money to DJ* while I'm standing here drunk off my ass, flicking through my sweet Spotify playlist, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt."

How NOT to attend a live dub mixing concert

Want to see what NOT to do when attending a concert? From this weekend's show on the Jersey Shore here's just ONE of the clips I have of this group of girls screaming at and harassing me to play the "Whip & Nae Nae" then threatening to "get the owner" of the venue when I tried explaining (as nicely as I could while doing so quickly because you know... it's not like I was in the middle of DUB MIXING, or that there were speakers blaring about 2 feet away, or that it was clearly evident that this was a REGGAE show) that hell would freeze over first. Over the past few years touring and performing live I've gotten used to this happening every one in a while at venues that don't traditionally host live music or where I know the crowd really doesn't know what dub is - people see a laptop and think... "oh he's a DJ" which apparently equates to "I can just go scream requests at the top of my lungs and then act like a toddler when I don't get my way." But just FYI (and I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir posting this to my fans)... acting this way is not ok.Please don't be a jerk and act like this at music events. You're there to see people perform (aka put their entire energy and self into a performance... for your viewing and listening pleasure) - just because you paid doesn't mean you get to act like an entitled brat by screaming at the musicians how to do their job. I can't believe I have to actually explain to people why acting like this is not ok. Facepalm.

Posted by Dub Architect on Monday, September 14, 2015


*of course some DJs are the worst ever and deserve all the requesting pain you can possible inflict on them, but that's for another day.

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