Aussie musicians chat about Mental Health for Music Feedback

Aussie musicians chat about Mental Health for Music Feedback

A fantastic initiative featuring the likes of Illy, Mathas and Make Them Suffer.

Mental Health is something we can always talk about more, days like R U OKAY? are great examples of reaching out to people who can help but it's also something that can be talked about for the other 364 days of the year. Music Feedback are currently in the midst of a series of conversations called Let's Talk About It with artists like Illy, Mathas and more about mental health. As the chats are titled 'Lets Talk About It' they don't aim to find the answer but discuss mental health with musicians.

This series a great example of how feeling depressed happens on a regular basis. And we should feel comfortable talking with someone about it. You shouldn't feel alone, you shouldn't feel like you can't share it with someone, you should feel like you can talk about it. To take it a step further you can also apply this to more than just music but life because wherever you are there is always someone who cares about you. Currently Music Feedback have chatted with Illy, Make Them Suffer and Mathas you can check them all out below:

Mathas Talks Mental Health

This week's video features Perth local hiphop ledge, Mathas, who opens up about how we sometimes feel helpless for unknown reasons, his experience with grief, loss and offers advice on how we should manage our mental health. "...that little period of time there, it felt like a bit of a downward spiral in my life and I started getting quite sad... like even when I think back, I'm not even really sure why." #musicfeedbackoz #letstalk

Posted by Music Feedback on Wednesday, November 25, 2015



The first of our four part Let's Talk About It video series. First up, Aussie hip-hop legend, Illy. Illy opens up on how it's "totally okay to be bummed out and be down on's normal, it's natural."Music is Illy's form of therapy. What is your tune of choice when you're not feeling so great? #musicfeedbackoz #letstalk

Posted by Music Feedback on Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Make Them Suffer Open Up About Mental Health

Metal band Make Them Suffer are next up on our Let's Talk About It video series. Watch them open up about depression, suicide and other mental illnesses drawing from experiences of their own and of those closest to them. “Asking for help is the strongest and most brave thing to do.” Everyone has bad days and you can help by lending a listening ear. #letstalk #musicfeedbackoz

Posted by Music Feedback on Wednesday, November 18, 2015


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