Watch The Weeknd's bandage-heavy, but Daft Punk-less Super Bowl Halftime Show

Watch The Weeknd's bandage-heavy, but Daft Punk-less Super Bowl Halftime Show

One of the biggest musical stages gets taken over by The Weeknd, and now, you can watch it in full.

Even if the show - and its usual performers - are often far-removed from Australia, there's no denying that the Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the biggest musical stages there is. It's proved career-defining just as much as its proved career-ending (the latter usually unfairly, but that's another whole post in itself), often giving one of music's biggest moments/memes that year (never forget Katy Perry's awkward left shark, or that time Beyoncé was slightly off her floor cue).

This year was the year of The Weeknd, and considering the Canadian's 2020 behind him, how could it not be? He was - inarguably - the biggest musician of the last year, scoring the year's highest-selling single - one of the longest-charting top five songs while we're at it - with Blinding Lights while the record it's plucked from - After Hours - has proved just as unstoppable, whether you're talking about the US, Australia, or almost every other country in the world.

Naturally, the rumour mill was spinning at a peak force for The Weeknd's Super Bowl performance. Would Ariana Grande come out for Love Me Harder? What about ROSALIA for her Blinding Lights remix? Surely, as one of the only major popstars with a lasting collaborative partnership with Daft Punk, this year would be the year they'd make their appearance?

The above all turned out to be false, but nevertheless, it was a good time. It was a career-lasting show that had The Weeknd front and centre, with no guest performers or tacky gimmicks to take the eyes off him (other than a shit tonne of fireworks and bandages). It kicked off with Starboy (without Daft Punk) before reaching the peak of The Hills' chorus, which took us into Can't Feel My Face and eventually I Feel It Coming; the latter featuring Daft Punk vocals, but again, no sign of the OG mask-wearers.

The performances' second half really sealed the deal, capturing the peaks of The Weeknd throughout his decade-long career. Save Your Tears brought us a touch of After HoursEarned It gave us Fifty Shades Of Grey; a House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls switch-up brought a nod to The Weeknd's defining entrance, before - as you'd expect - Blinding Lights wrapped it all together, Michael Jackson comparisons/nods and all.

You can watch the whole spectacle fresh on YouTube below, and also take a dive into the set-list while you're down there. Now, let's hope a glimpse of The Weeknd comes to Australia sometime soon - his last arena tour here a few years back was show-stopping.

The Weeknd - Super Bowl Halftime Show Setlist: 

The Hills
Can't Feel My Face
I Feel It Coming
Save Your Tears
Earned It
House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
Blinding Lights

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