Listen to Bringing It Back, a huge new team-up between Digga D and AJ Tracey

Listen to Bringing It Back, a huge new team-up between Digga D and AJ Tracey

An exciting face of UK rap's next generation comes together with one of its biggest crossover forces, and it's one hell of a time.

It was literally just last week when we last mentioned the potential and promise of UK's hip-hop next generation - that time, it was because of the latest collab between heavyweights Dave and Fredo - and already, we're finding ourselves with more to say. This time, it comes in the hands of Digga D and AJ Tracey, who represent both the current-day and future of drill's crossover commercialisation whether that be inside the UK or how it's shown to the greater international audience beyond.

Digga D, as a brief introduction, is someone with his feet firmly set in the future. The rising UK drill name made an entrance back in 2018 but over the last two years has really proved to find his footings; last year's Chingy (It's Whatever) and Woi being a two-for-two pair of charting hits while outside of that, he's stayed as fierce and focused than ever, through collaborations and solo singles littering the last twelve months.

AJ Tracey, meanwhile, is an Australian favourite no longer needing an introduction; a regular amongst the local festival circuit for a few years now, and someone that time and time again proves themselves as one of hip-hop's most elite names. Over the last year alone, for example, he's stood amongst giants in Stormzy, Aitch, Headie One and Skepta in a collaborational sense, all while putting out high-tier work of his own.

Now, the two forces unite for a new single titled Bringing It Back, and it's a song that feels just as indebted to the future as the two acts it comes from. It's energetic and hard-hitting, presenting UK's rap world at its most anthemic as the two trade verses laden with clever word play over a production that elevates their every line, a production that - at that - brings together Digga D's footings in drill together with AJ Tracey's more bass-reliant, off-shoot sound.

However, as forward-thinking as the single is, there's a touch of nostalgia riddling amongst its core; the song giving a chance for AJ and Digga D to bring forth some of their favourite respective moments of their hip-hop careers, as they reinvent and pay homage to freestyles from their past. In this instance, Digga D's Next Up freestyle gets a nod, as does AJ Tracey's Packages freestyle - two tracks that helped blow-up and make successes of their creators. 

The video doubles down on that too, replicating the scenes of their break-out moments - if not pushing them forwards into 2021 - as Digga D and AJ Tracey reflect on their past, and use that power to move forwards into big years ahead.

Take a dive into the collaboration below, and stay tuned for no-doubt plenty more to come from both sides across 2021:

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