Video Premiere: Newport - 'Get Back To This'

Video Premiere: Newport - 'Get Back To This'

Boorloo/Perth-based artist & producer follows-up new single with a poignant, storytelling music video - take a first watch

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A few weeks on from releasing his latest single and announcing debut EP Growing Pains, singer, songwriter and producer Dylon Newport AKA Newport is back with the music video for Get Back To This, premiering on Pilerats today.

A touching, emotional cut of lofi hip hop meets alt-pop, Get Back To This sees Newport's vocals glide effortlessly over a mellow yet commanding beat, with the lyrics not as straightforward as they may initially seem. Newport explains "I'm sure everyone has felt as though their past was better than where they are now, and that is definitely how I felt when I wrote this. At a glance this song sounds like another love song but it's not just about a past relationship. It is about an entire way that I used to live. An entire mindset that I used to have. I was really trying to get back to a better time of my life. This song is for anyone who feels like they are longing to go back in time and experience a part of their life again, anyone feeling like the perfect version of themselves is slipping away into the past."

Channelling these themes into visual form, the music video for Get Back To This stars Newport exploring an empty home in the countryside, initially alone before being joined by a companion. Newport says "Get Back To This is all about reminiscing on the past and longing to go back. When I wrote this song, it wasn’t specific to just a relationship, it was about an entire way of life. But we chose to focus on the relationship side of this story. We were lucky enough to be blessed with a house that was in the process of renovation, which was perfect for the story line as we wanted the video to have a sense of emptiness. The film is separated into two parts, one in which is set in past tense where I’m still very much in love and excited about the relationship. And also the present tense setting, where it is me alone in the same space, but instead, mindlessly staring into the distance trapped in the thought of the past.

I feel as though we achieved this sense of depressive nostalgia and I hope the viewers will agree. I'm so thankful for Stephanie Senior, who filmed, directed and edited the video. She did such an amazing job with very little time to do so. Also a huge thank you to Estelle Davis who was the actress in the film and to Bailey Pascoe (Gaffer) and Gareth Weston (1st AC)."

With a string of singles now under his belt, Newport turns his attention to the release of his Growing Pains EP on December 1, followed by an EP launch at The Bird on December 14. In the meantime, give Get Back To This a first watch:

Newport's debut EP Growing Pains is out December 1 via Liberation Records

Newport Growing Pains EP Artwork

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