Premiere: Sea Animals In Seattle - The U.S.O. Show feat. SKAW 7

Premiere: Sea Animals In Seattle - The U.S.O. Show feat. SKAW 7

Eora-based collective team up with fellow-Sydney based MC for new single of engaging & experimental beats and rhymes - take a listen a day ahead of release

After dropping their last single Busy Doing Things feat. RXK Nephew back in March, Sydney-based collective Sea Animals in Seattle (SAIS) are back with their unique approach to crafting experimental and exploratory cuts of hip hop, this time teaming up with Skaw 7 for the bassy sounds of The U.S.O. Show, out November 17 but premiering on Pilerats today.

Channelling some classic mid-90s Memphis vibes, The U.S.O. Show opens with bell-like sounds playing an eerie melody, soon met by 808 basses before the breakbeat drums kick in and take things to the next level, while rapid fire rhymes match the tempo and ferocity of the production.

Speaking on their new single, SAIS explain "The theme is our DIY ethic and how we've done everything ourselves with our own resources. We produced and recorded everything at our home studio which we call 'Sea World'.  Our band is more a collective of producers who get together to come up with song ideas together. The feature artist on the track is our mate who we met at the pub a few years ago."

With two distinct and dope singles to their name this year, we’re excited to hear what SAIS do next - in the meantime soak up The U.S.O. Show feat. Skaw 7 a day ahead of release:

Sea Animals In Seattle's new single The U.S.O. Show feat. SKAW 7 is out November 17

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