Tkay Maidza is in her prime with new single Flexin' feat. Duckwrth

Tkay Maidza is in her prime with new single Flexin' feat. Duckwrth

It's her first track in over a year, and comes with a bunch of Australian tour dates supported by Kwame and Arno Faraji.

It's been a while between drinks for Tkay Maidza. Since dropping her 2016 debut album TKAY, the Australian rapper has been unusually quiet on the release front, only emerging for the odd collaboration with names like Basenji, Hoodboi and PC Music's Danny L Harle. Flexin' is her big returning single and it promises a new era for the confident, internationally-rising name, with her new single showcasing a more upbeat and in-control side of Maidza that, with more to come throughout the year, is sure to dominate the rest of 2018. Featuring US rapper Duckwrth, Flexin' is playful and upbeat yet ferocious and fierce, uniting this warping, grimy production with Tkay Maidza's characteristically joyful and lively glide that blends perfectly with Duckwrth's more traditional, Vince Staples-esque hip-hop sound.

"Flexin' is an ode to being yourself and being unapologetic for it," she says on the single, which arrives with a huge headline tour - dates below. "I went to a Mixpak dancehall night and rave in New York the night before I wrote this song with my friends, and it was one of the most fun nights I had in a while. I was still awake at 8 AM and I remembered I had a session that day at 1 PM, so I didn't sleep and went to the studio. I wrote two songs that I really liked in that session and Flexin' was one of them."

Since bursting out the gates with her catchy debut single Brontosaurus in 2013, Tkay Maidza has consistently proved that she is one of the international hip-hop scene's most dynamic and versatile, feeling at home and in control no matter what type of production her vocals are attempting to navigate - from the bubbly, lighthearted PC shine of Danny L Harle or Paces' more tropical-tinged sound on Switch LanesFlexin', once again, proves this to be true, and with more to come from the hip-hop force in 2018, we're stoked to welcome in a new era of Tkay Maidza that is sure to re-throne her as Australia's biggest hip-hop heavyweight.

Tour Dates (tickets HERE):

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