Premiere: Perth favourites Tobias and Adrian Dzvuke link up to perform their collab, Drive

Premiere: Perth favourites Tobias and Adrian Dzvuke link up to perform their collab, Drive

Directed by Joel Baker, the live video ends with a snippet of Tobias' next single too, promising that there's more to come.

As two musicians synonymous with Perth's musical next frontier, Tobias and Adrian Dzvuke are two artists that may soon no longer need an introduction. Dzvuke is likely there already; the musician blossoming into a defining name of Perth's upper echelon thanks to his rich pop/R&B blend and the heights this sound has managed to achieve both in recording and on the live stage, while Tobias is someone not far behind; an up-and-coming rising star sharing stages with the likes of Spacey Jane and Thundamentals' Tuka while building a solid, yet still growing discography.

Back at the start of the year, the pair showcased their connection in the form of a new collaboration with one another; the song - titled Drive. - showing how the pair bolster one another's energies and the musical connection the pairing share together, re-introducing the strengths of both Tobias and Adrian Dzvuke as they eye off an explosive 2021 planned. An expert blend of R&B, pop and hip-hop, Drive. brought the prowess you'd expect from the pairing in a short, two-minute capsule, spring-boarding their way into a new year with an incredible, sound-defining collaboration.

Seven months later, Tobias and Adrian Dzvuke remain at the heights of their respective musical niches; Dzvuke sharing a littering of songs and collaborations through the year, as Tobias eyes to create a stronghold of 2021's second-half, with more new music to come. Before then, however, they're revisiting their collaboration from the start of the year for a new live performance video, which gives the single a visual edge while also showing how the pair bring Drive. to life with a hazy late-night feel, aided thanks to video work from Joel Baker.

The video sees Tobias and Dzvuke joined by a band (guitarist Adam Ricci and drummer Liam Hickey), who together, take Drive. to a smooth new dimension, re-solidifying the strengths of the original single while layering it with new textures and flavourings. "So being in the middle of this pandemic, even in a city as lucky as Perth, I personally was still feeling the effects of not being able to play shows. Just before the world went into lockdown I found myself in a really good swing with great momentum when it came to shows and felt really in my bag but as soon as that first quarantine hit it all felt as if it stopped dead in its tracks," says Tobias on the performance video.

"Heavily inspired by the NPR Tiny Desk (at Home) Series, I gathered some musicians I adore working with and a team behind the camera whose been making magic with me for a minute to make this video to show everyone who can’t make it to a Tobias set a little glimpse of what they’re missing out on," he continues. "Having Adrian on the track was such an organic process, he just so happened to be early for his session at Levels Studio and vibed with the track and brought the perfect energy to help me finish the song. There wouldn’t be that fire pre-chorus without him and I am thankful for that any time I listen to the track."

It's a testament shared by Adrian Dzvuke too, as he explains. "It was a blast making this track with lil bro and even more fun linking up for the live performance shoot. I hope everyone enjoys it."

The video ends with tease of Tobias' forthcoming work, promising that there's plenty more to come before the year's out. In the meantime, take a dive into the live performance video of Drive. below, as it premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release this Friday, July 30.


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