Premiere: RAMI emerges a fresh face of Perth's future with new single, Roxy

Premiere: RAMI emerges a fresh face of Perth's future with new single, Roxy

Armed with a collection of tracks shared through the last few months, it seems there's an exciting new addition to Perth's hip-hop world.

There's a plethora of exciting new talent emerging from Perth on a near-weekly basis at the moment, and someone most certainly amongst the rush of them is RAMI. Throughout the last few months, he's been sharing a collection of tracks over on his Soundcloud account, each introducing him as a musician while dissecting his wide-spanning range of influences and the versatility captured within his work, dating back to his debut track and doubled down upon in the multiple songs he's released in the twelve months or so since.

Throughout all of these tracks, he balances on the thin tightrope between quality and quantity by carving a sound that feels almost indescribable, distinctive to RAMI with its woozy, genreless sound. He plucks smatterings of alt-rap, R&B, indie-rock and pop apart but instead of just chasing a different facet of his sound every song, he manages to condense them into something that feels like different explorations of the meeting place between them; each song further exploring the depths of his sound and how he manages to create something new every time, all within the same musical universe per se.

"My music is a mixture of a few genres, mainly indie-rock and R&B," he elaborates. "I’ve combined rap and singing with psychedelic undertones that result in a pretty unique sound. I have visions to direct my sound towards one of the two but finding the balance between has been very enjoyable." It's something that really shines on his new single Roxy, premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release this Friday, November 6th. Roxy feels like a potent stand-out from RAMI's discography that really highlights what we're talking about, moving between the different musical palettes that make up RAMI's sound.

In a space just shy of three minutes, RAMI proves that it doesn't take long to get the point across either. Backed by a gentle psychedelic haze layered with stripped-back and down-tempo hip-hop percussion, RAMI moves between this rich R&B-meets-pop sound that dances with a subtle pace, almost like something you'd expect from Omar Apollo mixed with the swagger of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

It's a stand-out moment that should hopefully usher RAMI forward as someone worth keeping an eye on amongst the saturated next generation, and you can see why for yourself, as we premiere Roxy below:


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