Premiere: Meet Perth rapper Zane Rosé and his new single, Big Money

Premiere: Meet Perth rapper Zane Rosé and his new single, Big Money

The single is his fourth for the year thus far, and comes just a week after sharing another new track, titled 25 With A Dream.

We've spoken about the plethora of talent in the Perth hip-hop space too many times to count over the last few years, but with the last twelve months particularly being full of exciting, up-and-coming names emerging from the west coast with a near-impossible pace to catch up, it's clear something is going on. As a whole, the Perth rap sphere is becoming more diverse and wide-ranging with every new addition (in respect to both image and sound), and it's quickly become apparent that niche pockets of the local scene are moving forward, and gradually becoming interstate ones-to-watch in the process of doing so.

Included in that list is Perth rapper Zane Rosé. To some, the rising name may already be well familiar, with Rosé being labelled an upcoming force amongst the local hip-hop circles for a few years now, emerging here and there to prove his place in the midst of further refining his skillset and gradually crafting new music. To others, meanwhile, Rosé is a brand new addition to their playlists; his emergence with last year's Lemons and its follow-up, inspiration-gazing Kid Cudi falling perfectly into place with the resurging wave of rap music internationally, and those pushing it back home, via musicians like Anfa Rose and The Kid LAROI.

Throughout the last few months, however, it's become clear that Zane Rosé may soon be amongst this upper echelon of names pushing local hip-hop spaces into the outside territories, with everything he's put out throughout the year - now four, consistently great singles that are all different to one another, but comparable with their distinctively Zane energy - showcasing his evolution and a sense of growth so early into his rise, and pushing him and his all-encompassing vision forwards to the public domain.

After just sharing a new track - 25 With A Dream - just a week ago, he's now arrived with an accompanying track titled Big Money that further showcases his craft, showcasing why Zane Rosé is one to keep an eye on (if you weren't already sure) while offering versatility that hints at his wide range of influences and stylistic leanings. It's a quick-firing two-minutes that's over way too soon, capturing Zane's energy above a clanging percussion that sits more in that trap-rap-adjacent realm, which Zane quickly makes his own in the space of just a short amount of time.

Go a touch deeper, however, and you'll see Zane Rosé's ability in lyrical storytelling fly, and the link between Big Money and the past-arriving 25 With A Dream soon becomes known. The first track is a chance for the musician to project his dreams into reality; a message of perseverance and confidence that in Big Money, is manifested into something more; the fruits of their labour creating real-time success that's seeing Zane's trajectory go up, and up and up.

You can take a dive into Big Money below as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its release this Friday, and underneath that, introduce yourself to Zane Rosé - chances are he's going to be one to watch very soon.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a hip hop artist based in Perth, Australia. I’m a father, I’m creatively obsessive (some would say over the top lol), I hold high the things and people I care about and I have a strong desire for more. My name is Zane Rosé and I don’t like talking about myself haha.. 

What’s the ‘vibe’ music-wise? i.e. themes, sounds, genres etc.

The best way I can describe the vibe: If you put Tory Lanez, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick, Akon, Lil Wayne, 6lack & a little Party Next Door in a pot and let it simmer for a bit, that’s the vibe. I’d like to call my music soul inspired. I try to approach my music with realism and depth but I also keep in mind the passive listener and try to accommodate to them too. I like slow dark stuff but I have a lot of light upbeat songs in the vault too! I like to pride myself on having a diverse sound and I challenge that every time I sit down to create.  

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

A lot of the time it’s just me in my house alone. I might come across something myself or find something that one of my producer friends have sent me and it all just lines up then out comes the magic. It’s usually a melody in the beat that gets me or a concept I’ve already got cooking in my brain... I’ve been working closely with my producer and friend JMoon. Our process is quite similar I think. We are very emotive and move off the feeing. It’s important I feel comfortable, & have no distractions haha, I’m very easily distracted unless I’m engrossed in something. But I think the main thing I incorporate and always have to remind myself is to have fun. It all started with genuine enjoyment and love for the feeling of creating something and listening back to it. So I’m constantly reminding myself to enjoy it and not to take it too seriously.

Can you tell us about your two new singles, With A Dream and Big Money? 

The project is a two-part insight into my process of manifestation.

The first instalment 25 With A Dream is me projecting my dreams into the world. I think it’s important to firstly note that this was 100% a genuine freestyle that resulted from an impromptu studio session with Rosefall Beats earlier this year in Sydney. I say things like “I’m alive enough to know that there's prettier things out there” referring to and reminding myself that it’s important not to settle or get comfortable. 25 is an age where a lot of my peers are really making strides in life and cementing their futures, whether it be career-wise or building a house etc...

Sometimes I look at that and think damn, what if I’m not doing the right thing but then I have to check myself and remember why I do this and the amount of work I’ve put into it. This song reminds me that I’m different. I want different things. I want things that only myself and my team can see. It’s invisible and intangible but it’s all I know and want and that’s completely ok and it’s so close I can feel it... That's what this song is to me, it’s confirmation that I know what I’m doing and to not let that doubt come in and poison my garden. 

Big Money is would be part two to what I’ve just said above. The dream and manifestation being solidified. It’s my team and I living out our dreams, seeing the fruits of our labour, having that high energy. It’s inspiring to listen to and a far cry from being down in the dumps... It’s a fuck you to anybody that made me feel like I couldn’t be more than what was expected of me & it’s an ‘I love you’ to anybody that has helped me. It’s a smile in the mirror right before I jump out on stage to perform to a sold-out arena, to do what I always knew I needed to do and what I knew I was capable of accomplishing.

I hope to look back on Big Money in a few years and say “yeh, see!! I knew all along we would get here”. Nobody wants small money lol. 

What does 2020 have in store for you? 

2020 has been a big year of putting together my team and understanding where we all stand with each other and how to make the assembly line most effective.

The plan is to release Alive While I’m Asleep and then we have 2 more singles ready & then an ep to close out the year. Hopefully, shows are back to normal sooner rather than later and I can start performing again. I would love to be booked as a support act for a big artist for an Aus tour or something along those lines... The main objective is exposure and getting my music out to as many people as possible until Zane Rosé is known everywhere! 

What do you want people to take away from the project?

With this project, I hope people can take away the passion, the picture of not settling and making it a point to chase after the things they love, the things that give them feeling. It’s important to chase your dreams, no matter how far away they seem... J Cole said “what’s worth than death is a regret-filled coffin”. This is so much bigger than us. Dream chasers are breaking generational walls that have never been broken down before, but it’s possible! Perspective is everything.  


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