Premiere: D Minor finds strength with the clip for Homerun, feat. Zeek Power

Premiere: D Minor finds strength with the clip for Homerun, feat. Zeek Power

As one of the semi-finalists of this year's Australia's Got Talent, D Minor has a lot to say - and one hell of a voice to say it with.

While the shows themselves may be somewhat divisive amongst the Australian commercial world, it's hard to deny that programs such as Australia's Got Talent and The Voice really strive to capture unheard voices in the musical realm, seemingly plucking once-unknown musicians out of local communities and putting them on a commercial platform that, occasionally, can set them up with musical longevity right alongside musicians to rise through alternative methods. Just think of all the popstars that dominated the ARIA Charts amongst these programs' mid-10s peak: At times, they felt almost unavoidable.

A lot of these shows do roll some eyes, but that's a story for another time - the real thing we're talking about here is how these programs can unearth undiscovered talent and spotlight them into national acclaim, and someone currently feeling the effects of this is D Minor. He was a semi-finalist of this year's Australia's Got Talent, but his latest single Homerun is all the evidence you need to see that he's actually someone with the talent needed to be big, and not just wither away into the void.

Homerun is an empowering and encouraging moment of strength and hope that unites an incredibly strong hook from The Voice musician Zeek Power with an introduction to D Minor's quick-paced hip-hop; rushed through with a stylised abrasiveness that perfectly contrasts and builds itself off Zeek's honey-smooth choruses. "I love what D Minor stands for and the hurdles he has overcome. When I heard the song and was asked to be a part of it, I did not hesitate to create such an inspirational song with him," says Zeek on the track. "This song is really important to me, it represents strength and courage against adversity and overcoming really tough times. I want others to know they should never give up, I’m living proof that you can get through the dark days."

Today, however, we're filming the single's official video clip, which puts D Minor and Zeek Power in the centre spotlight. It comes at a great time for D: Off the back of Australia's Got Talent, he's quickly finding his footings in Australia's hip-hop world and what place he has within, while going deeper, there's a charitable sense that wants you to get involved (50% of all publishing proceeds for Homerun will be directed back to Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD)).

He's someone to watch in the year ahead, but in the meantime, dive into Homerun's official video clip below:

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