Meet Central Coast rapper Savilian and his latest anthem, Like That

Meet Central Coast rapper Savilian and his latest anthem, Like That

The New South Wales newcomer teams up with Pep.B, Inna Angeline, and Kuren.

Although you might already be acquainted with Savilian through his 2017 Poltergeist EP and this year's Airports and Rūku-featuring single Cheddar, his new single Like That is definitely worth getting across. It's a bit of a change of pace for the Central Coast hip-hop name, who has been focusing on solidifying his craft – something which really shows on his latest anthem. Featuring Sydney producer Pep.B, Central Coast vocalist Inna Angeline and additional production work by constantly-rising name Kuren, Like That is Savilian's best shot yet at breaking-out, bringing just about everything he has to the table with the genre-bending release that combines the world of rap, pop and electronica in a way not many are doing at the moment. With the potential for a big year in store, we caught up with the Savilian to get to know the man and his project that little bit better, from his favourite international and local rappers to the backstory of his new single and a whole bunch in between:

Tell us about yourself?

Hello, my name is Savilian, and I'm a writer and performer from the Central Coast of NSW.

I am the eldest of five, I have three younger brothers and a little sister, and they are pretty much my best mates.

My youngest brother rūku and I make a lot of music together; he's an ultra-talented writer and producer who has a solar eclipse type future ahead of him.

I have a 5-year-old female all-white husky named Sky, she's a little cheeky, but she's dope.

Fave international act is Macklemore; fave Australian act is Manu Crook$.

I looooove going to music festivals; live music is still king.

I really wanna play at Field Day one day.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I am a rapper who predominantly makes hip-hop music, although I do have a big passion for hard/energetic trap and future bass music, as well as a bit of a soft spot for pop music - so don't be surprised if you hear me on a Jack Ü production with Ariana Grande on the hook and The Game on a feature verse.

Production/writing process:

It's so varied and dependent on sooo many variables, I can't say that there is one process. One thing I do a lot is put on Youtube playlists of instrumentals and freestyle mumble over the beat which allows me to open my mind up and not be constrained by words and structure, really helps to get hooks and melodies out. I also have a handful of super talented producers that I work with on a regular basis, including Harry Fox, Airports and obviously Kuren. These guys are not only great at what they do, I consider them all friends, and making music with friends is just about as good as life gets.

Can you tell us about your new single, Like That?

Like That is my new single which is pretty much a love song, but also commentates on perspective and how important it is. It features production from Sydney producer Pep.B and vocals from Central Coast vocalist Inna Angeline, with executive production coming from the homie Kuren.

The song began its journey close to 2 years ago when Pep sent me an instrumental and basically said "have a crack". I immediately gravitated to it due to the future bass elements and the pulsating hook which filled me with energy, but I didn't have a hook, I struggled to write to it at first. One day I was on a walk to clear my head as a result of some disagreements me and my partner were having. I was pondering about the future of this relationship, would it fail in the same fashion that the relationships that came before it had failed - suddenly it appeared "I don't want it like that." From there it wrote itself pretty quickly, I had a hook and some verses, Inna jumped on for some guest vocals and the song was recorded shortly after. Fast forward 12 months and for a host of reasons the song was still not released, we knew that the song was good, but we knew it needed a little sauce on top to really make it stick. I sent it to Kuren one day for some feedback, he told me that it was my best vocal work yet and that he was in love with the song, he offered to help add that extra sauce we needed, and the rest is history.

It's suave and electric and really takes you on a border-hopping journey between hip-hop, electronic and pop music as I tell a story of dejection turned elation. Sit back and enjoy as my collaborators and I explore the variations of perspective in an intimate relationship.. while having a little fun too.

Any shows coming up?

At the moment there is only one booking on the horizon, supporting Thundamentals with my little brother rūku at The Entrance Leagues Club on the Central Coast later this month, that is gonna be huuuuuge! There will definitely be a few other sneaky ones, just haven't got firm dates yet, to be continued...

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Look, it really depends on how well Like That goes, there will definitely be more music, but I'm not making any promises on what it's gonna look like. There is a mixtape with my brother and an EP that I'm sitting on, but where and when that all happens is a little up in the air right now.

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can find my music anywhere you'll find Drake, and even some places you won't find Drake.

YouTube / Spotify / triple j Unearthed / Soundcloud.

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