Track By Track: Go on a very deep dive into Minimal Miggy's huge Jarocin Ave Mixtape

Track By Track: Go on a very deep dive into Minimal Miggy's huge Jarocin Ave Mixtape

The diverse 16-track release finds the hip hope head in fine form.

Producer, composer and drummer, Minimal Miggy brings a diverse and authentic vibe to his craft, blending old school hip hop, new school trap, electronica and jazz for a truly unique sound. Recently he dropped his debut mixtape, Jarocin Ave, and together with Dom Diaz on a lot of the tracks has crafted a special first release into the world.

It's an engaging, eclectic release that foreshadows an exciting career for the Tel Aviv-born, now Sydney-based artist, and we're looking forward to seeing what comes next:

Beat Drop

The track is a compelling, tasty trap performance featuring local Sydney artist, Dom Diaz. It’s very clear to hear the RnB and Pop influences in Miggy’s production and writing style. Diaz backs the track honourably and never fails to deliver potent bars and a didactic message.
Diaz mentions in the track, “All I wanna see is the bigger picture. If it’s so big how the f**k I miss it? / All I wanna ask is like every question and all I wanna be is a better version of me.” Beat Drop is as serious as it is playful. The track talks about staying in your own lane and being focused to achieve the best in life.

Mind State

Mind State is a conscious, hard-hitting trap banger. It’s contemporary, tasteful melodies are anthemic and won’t be forgotten too quickly. The track's message is definitely relatable in todays time. Dom Diaz features on the track and is evocative of that Caribbean zest. You can hear him drawing influences from artists such as Drake and J Cole. “Put negativity to sleep, coz it won’t affect me, no time for defeat / One time for the struggles in the past, two times for the world in my lap.” Dom explores the power of awareness and mindfulness to achieve one’s best in life.

Could It Be

This Neo-Soul infused hip-hop track is the godchild of Sela Moon and Minimal Miggy. Sonic influences are comparable to artists such as Kaytranada and The Internet. Could It Be is a song about the struggles of love. All love sagas include peaks and valleys and this lush aria explores the depths of such relationships. This is the first collaboration between Miggy and Sela, expect more to come!


Untitled is one of the instrumental interludes on the mixtape. The track has a driving upbeat attitude and is perfect for those breezy highway cruises. Minimal Miggy wrote the beat whilst in Los Angeles in late 2017 and decided to later sample the voice of Ben Goldstein who later features on the closing track of the mixtape, Home.


Minimal Miggy and Dom Diaz have been working together for a while now and the collaborations keep pouring out from this dynamic duo. Choices is reminiscent of that old school, West Coast vibe yet maintains the freshness of modern productions we hear today. Diaz exposes two sides to his artistry on this track - the rapper and the singer. Both vibes merge effortlessly, exposing his Hip Hop, RnB and Roots influence. He shares a personal journey of introspection in order to better oneself. Choices is a track everybody can relate to as those grandeur decisions life has to offer are inevitable.

Grey Bird

Grey Bird brings the old school back with a head banging, boom bapping hit. Grey Bird features the unsung hero and good friend of Minimal Miggy, Jabbs (aka Jabba). For a bit of context and personal history, Jabba is weirdly obsessed with pigeons. “There was a land where the grey bird ran, free from the vices of man, life was nicer then / All trees like an outstretched hand, inviting for the needs of a bird indeed.” The track represents the pigeon as being a symbol for the underdog in society. The song is a beautiful piece of poetry and Jabba’s execution is nothing less than flawless.


Limits is the first single off the mixtape. Limits features Anti-Lilly who hails from Houston, Texas. His album with producer Phoniks, It's Nice Outside, created a huge buzz and what he offers to the global Hip Hop scene is just beginning. Dom Diaz also steps up and features on the track. Diaz's infectious energy and delivery is undeniable. His influences draw from artists such as J Cole and Anderson .Paak whilst hinting Caribbean and roots flavours in his delivery. Limits talks about the challenges people face in their lives due to fear and insecurities. The track is a hard hitting, trappy banger reminiscent of that Atlanta sound. It'll make you want to go out there and live your best life.

I Got Me

I Got Me is an eclectic collaboration between D Stellar and Minimal Miggy. This diverse duo have very different musical backgrounds and influences however, they have amalgamated on this one to deliver an exciting piece of art. It draws upon psychedelic and trip hop influences yet remains honest to the hip hop cadence of the mixtape’s atmosphere. I Got Me lands right in the middle of the mixtape’s track list and definitely defines the mood for the second half of the album.

The Way You Move Pt1

The Way You Move Pt1 is an instrumental interlude on the mixtape that will keep your head banging and wanting more. The interlude has an impenetrable groove, drenched in rich synth’s and hints vocals that will later be revealed in The Way You Move Pt2. The track is a seamless creation that was spawned by The B-Sektion (aka Ben Sekali) and Minimal Miggy. It has strong references to that West Coast and G Funk sound.


Soldier is a powerful track with a compelling message. The track’s lustrous belligerence has an almost militant delivery brought to you by Y1 and Ariel Levy. Y1’s savvy wordplay on the verses will have your ears glued to the speakers whilst Ari’s unblemished delivery of the hook will get you pumped!

Don’t Wanna Hear It

Don’t Wanna Hear It is a dark, ominous track that talks about staying in your own lane and doing your own duty in life. Kiyanosh, the MC that fronts the band Motherfunk, features on this track and delivers his message potently. “What the f##k you know about pride? You’re too proud to hide and I ain’t too proud to die / I could move out the sky, but you all terrified. You ain’t love yourself until you verified.” You may hear influences such as Tyler The Creator, Kanye West and Earl Sweatshirt.


Decisions is an interlude on the mixtape that expresses a personal yet vexing insight delivered by featured artist Y1. Miggy’s incorporation of live drums have been a feature throughout the mixtape. This track however is nakedly dressed with drums and vocals taking up most of the soundscape.

Road Less Travelled

Road Less Travelled is a track off the mixtape that explores the meaning behind following your dreams. This sometimes means the road you choose isn’t what you had planned. Dom Diaz discusses the work-ethic and diligence needed to achieve your aspirations and making the life you’ve dreamed of a reality. The track is has a dynamic, hard-hitting groove and atmosphere that’ll keep your head nodding till the cows come home.


Wangs is a feel-good anthem that is fronted by the dynamic duo Ariel Levy and Y1. The track talks about dreaming big and making your dreams a reality. The drums and bass prod the song along effortlessly with Y1 and Ari delivering their message boastfully over the top. The beat for Wangs was composed in Los Angeles in late 2017. When Miggy returned to Sydney, the song came to life and is very evocative of that West Coast sound.

The Way You Move Pt2

This infectious groove takes you on a journey with the B-Sektion (aka Ben Sekali) vocally riffing on the hook. His ad-libs on the track are done effortlessly and remind you of that 90s RnB/Neo-Soul vibe. Influences are drawn from artists such as D’Angelo and Maxwell.


Home is the closing track of the mixtape. It is a euphoric and fluid piece of artistry featuring vocalists Maitê Inaê and Ben Goldstein. The track expresses the concept that home is where the heart is. Home in this case is represented as a place of love. Getting lost in lust and desire is something we can all relate to. The soundscape’s elated and gentle atmosphere seems to be the only appropriate track to close this monumental piece of art that is Jarocin Ave.

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