Meet Jaecy, the Bankstown rapper telling a powerful story with his new single, AAJA

Meet Jaecy, the Bankstown rapper telling a powerful story with his new single, AAJA

Sydney rap label/collective The Area Movement spits out yet another star, although Jaecy's moment has been a long time coming.

Spotlighting and elevating hip-hop from Sydney's western outer edges, The Area Movement are a label/collective worth tapping into if you ever want to discover what's next within Australia's rap space. They're a collective constantly in touch with what - and who - you should be watching out for; educating and helping uplift rappers attempting to find their feet in the business side of the music industry, while as a label, they nurture acts without diluting their sound - the end result being some of the most hard-hitting and important music coming out of Australia at the moment.

Bankstown-via-Sierra Leone rapper Jaecy is an act that's bloomed through The Area Movement, and is one that a lot of hip-hop heads throughout the country are keeping an eye on right now. He's someone that seems to constantly one-up himself with every release (which says something, considering one of his first singles featured legends Pistol Pete & Enzo); his 2020 breakthrough WHAT'S GOOD leading the way to tracks like TRAP 2 CHURCH later last year, into singles like NICE TRY in 2021 - each song showing why Jaecy is someone so worth paying attention to right now.

His latest single AAJA proves it once again, and to be honest, it's probably your last chance to introduce yourself to the rapper before he takes off and becomes a defining name of Australian hip-hop with what's to come. It's a song indebted to his connection with UK Drill, introduced through the means of Skepta and Stormzy growing up but now, feels reflective of what's going on in the underground there; the raw energy of AAJA capturing the heart and passion of the genre at its most potent, and how Jaecy is able to turn that into something distinctive and unique by adding a Western Sydney touch on top of it.

The end result is both impressive and empowering, shining a light on Bankstown and his greater community built around him through powerful lyricism delivered with a focused and precise edge. AAJA is a testament to Jaecy's talent and how he uses it to uplift those surrounding him; shining a light on the struggles of Bankstown's highly diverse neighbourhood and providing a source of hope and and perseverance for those who need it. 

"This song is one of my more significant ones I wrote in 2019 mainly due to the fact that I really mentally and emotionally tapped in on certain aspects in the streets," he says on the new single, which also features A.GIRL on the outro. "As I was writing I could see images and flashbacks in my head."

As mentioned, AAJA is yet another sign of Jaecy's brilliance, and with each single seemingly becoming bigger than the last, it's clear that there's not too much time before Jaecy erupts into a bonafide hip-hop force. In the meantime, take a dive into AAJA below, and introduce yourself to the rapper underneath:

Tell us about yourself?

The name’s Jaecy. Born in Sierra Leone and raised in Western Sydney Bankstown. 21 and I’ve been making music for about 5 years now.

What’s your music like? What does it sound like? What kind of themes does it usually cover? 

The sound of my music varies. I tend to experiment mostly with unorthodox sounds and topics when I’m creating a song. I like to cover multiple themes in my music. From being a kid growing up in the suburbs of Western Sydney, to creating party anthems, to creating something dangerous for the ladies - working on multiple new and unorthodox sounds/topics really helps me become more open creatively.

What are your production and writing processes usually like? 

Most times the producer and I feed off each other's energy for the session and we do everything from scratch. Very rare but I may have pre-written lyrics or there may be a pre-reference beat and just kick it off from there.

Can you tell us about your new single, AAJA? 

This song is one of my more significant ones I wrote in 2019 mainly due to the fact that I really mentally & emotionally tapped in on certain aspects in the streets such as police harassment and life as a western Sydney boy. As I was writing I could see images and flashbacks in my head. I then used that as a wheel to write about more relatable topics and bars.

What do you have planned for 2021?

Keep applying pressure and grow as an artist. More importantly, grow as a person and continue getting better.

What do you want people to take away from your work? 

To really know who I am. To have a picture of my experiences as they listen to my music and come with me on this journey and also maybe take some gems of life as they go. Most importantly, think of my music as a great work of art.

Where can we find more of your music?

On all streaming platforms via “JAECY” - Spotify, Youtube, Apple, Soundcloud and the list goes on.


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