Premiere/Interview: Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna

Premiere/Interview: Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna

And his new single/video clip - Rack Mansion.

Born of the sun-dappled coastal shore lines of our very own WA, Jimmy Chang produced music in a number of local bands before packing up and moving to Melbourne in 2014 to forge out his new alias, Jimmy Chang Hot Tuna. And following the release of two casettes since, he's just dropped a hot new EP, Original Changster, along with a video clip for the single, Rack Mansion. And to mark the release of it all, we sent him some quesitons to get to know him a little better:

Tell us about yourself?

Hello. My name is J​i​mmy. I’m a Cancerian, born in 1988, and I live in Brunswick East.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Music-wise vibe is cruisy, easy listening​,​ analog lo-fi.

Production/writing process:

Started recording last summer 2016. I’d just gotten settled into a new place in Northcote, had a poly6, a 707 and a space echo so it was pretty easy to bliss out. Slapped a bit of bass, guitar and singing over the top then onto tape and good to go! Ended up with 14 or so songs over the rest of the year, but some were taking a bit too long to get right, so just decided to go with a crop that I thought worked best together. The next half will be out later in the year, but knowing me, probably next year see how we go!

Can you tell us about your new project – Original Changster?

​It's s​omewhat of a throwback to the earlier days, a synthy recollection even. Features a cover of some ol​'​ mates and Justin’s former, famous WA band perth, with Greasy Moon. Overall though​,​ it’s just about the good times and the downers but still chill.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Just playing some shows around ​Australia ​and finishing off some more tunes. Ended up with about another three or four ​new ​tunas since finishing O​riginal ​C​hangster​ so might have to squeeze in another, extra dank E​P​. More on the el​e​ctronic vibes​ though​.

Where can we hear more of your music?

​At The ​Tote ​B​androom​ on​ Thurs April 6 for the LAUNCH PARTY! Otherwise BANDCAMP or SOUNDCLOUD.

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