Premiere: SAATSUMA's Memphis LK goes solo with debut single, Speak Honestly

Premiere: SAATSUMA's Memphis LK goes solo with debut single, Speak Honestly

The Melbourne musician whips up a percussion storm on her sensational debut single, with a full EP to come.

Header photo by Alexandre Dubois.

Melbourne electronic duo SAATSUMA were once upon a time one of our favourite pairings within the Australian percussive-house realm, with twisted, UK Garage-inspired productions swirling alongside the soothing vocal of their frontwoman Memphis LK - who time and time again, would adapt and evolve depending on the vocal she would soar over the top of. Since initially emerging a few years back, the electro-pop duo consistently stayed ahead of the curve, defying and defining trends as they whip up a frenzy on their debut album for example, 2017's woozy Overflow, one which we called "a beautiful album, one that rewards repeat listens along with increased knowledge of how it came to be."

Today, we welcome the first taste of their next era, with Memphis LK stepping forward to launch her own solo project that carries the "ooft" factor of SAATSUMA repurposed in a modern and quick-paced way, with a self-produced production from Memphis keeping the pace levels high as her vocals swirl around and dance over the top. "[Speak Honestly] is a simple message to be true oneself," she says on the single's meaning, reflecting on the uplifting and authentic message that underlays the song's relentless pulse and deep rhythms. "To clear and let go of what holds us back from acceptance and authenticity. To find clarity and connection, allowing the unfiltered essence of oneself to shine through."

It arrives with the single's official video, directed by her sister Maddy Kelly, which reflects the intimate and close-knit nature of the single with visuals that could only come from a partnership as close as sisters. "For a song with such simple, direct lyrics that are both evocative and powerful, we wanted to create something that was both visually pleasing and story strong. The repetition of the lyric 'I want you to speak honestly', is as much a cry to self as it is to anyone else, and we wanted to explore the inner turmoil that can happen to people, artists particularly, as they try to find out who they are. Finding your true self is a process of discovering all sides of your being and accepting those different parts. In the video, Memphis eventually comes to realise that the people she’s trying to fit in with are actually extensions of her. Once she stops and connects within, she is able to embody a renewed sense of self-acceptance and authenticity."

Watch the video below, and stay tuned for her debut EP - due later in the year.

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