Introducing: Endgrain

Introducing: Endgrain

A Sydney-based producer celebrating a cracking new single, 4 x 4.

Sydney-based producer/DJ Jackson May, AKA Endgrain, has just shared his debut single, 4 x 4, his first release with the team at October Records. Seen as he's only one single deep, wecan't tell you a whole lot more about him, so we asked him a few questions to find out for ourselves ahead of some upcoming shows, which he talks about below:

Tell us about about yourself?

My name’s Jackson and I’ve been producing all sorts of music for about seven years now. I’ve recently started a new project with October Records writing music as Endgrain.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I first started off writing hip hop and other instrumental bits and pieces (think early Fly Lo, Bonobo, Quantic, etc). I’m currently focusing on producing club records and anything rhythmic that will get people moving and enjoying themselves!

Production/writing process:

All “in the box’. Just a laptop and a pair of headphones, and lots of coffee! My musical output is directly linked to whatever I’m listening to. For instance if I’m listening to an old funk or soul jam or some reggae/roots and like the rhythm section, that will influence me the next time I sit down to start a new piece. I try to write as many tracks as possible and then run with the best ideas and come back to them a few months later with a fresh set of ears and develop the ideas further and give them the details and polish they need.

What do you do outside of music?

Outside of writing music I like designing sound systems. I run Translate Sound System with a mate, it’s something we started back in 2013 from a few sheets of ply wood and quality components, and have been developing it ever since.

Any shows coming up?

On March 3rd October Records are running a party at the Civic Underground where I’ll be playing a few tracks along with loads of top notch DJ’s and producers. The weekend after on the 10th I’ll be doing a b2b with Meraki for a YO LK warehouse party, where we’ll also have our sound system running.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

More releases on October Records, and lots lots more writing new material - I’ve been getting a new track done just about every two weeks or so. I’m also thinking about developing a live set with lots of synths and drum machines, and it would be nice to have something ready by the end of the year on that front.

Where can we hear more of your music?

The new single can be found in all the usual places, SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD, etc. There will also be an EP coming out in a few months!

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