Premiere: Basenji returns for a bubbly remix of merci, mercy's Tequila & Lemonade

Premiere: Basenji returns for a bubbly remix of merci, mercy's Tequila & Lemonade

The Australian electronic musician makes a returning peep on a saccharine sweet remix for one of 2020's most exciting new acts.

It'd be stupid to dismiss merci, mercy as anything but 2020's most exciting homegrown break-out artist. The Sydney-based musician has had a brilliant year considering that her name wasn't even known this time twelve months ago; single after single solidifying her status within the blossoming pop scene, while her debut EP no thank you, no thanks - which she walked us through one track at a time on release - felt like the culmination of years of tireless work and energy, all coming together for an introductory moment amongst the country's best.

It's so abundantly clear that merci, mercy's visibility within Australian pop isn't going to go away any time soon - that's what happens when you're capable of crafting high-tier pop hits - and someone who seemingly understands that is Basenji, who over the last few years, has become known as a constant go-to for saccharine sweet pop music and strobe-lit club experimentation alike. The former side - Basenji's pop edge - is something that's been expertly shown over the last three years especially, with collaborations with Mereki, Tkay Maidza, Mallrat and Erthlings in tow.

Today, the two forces come together in the form of a remix, and it gives a bit of a snapshot as to what's expected from merci, mercy if she ever does decide to go down that more bubbly, slightly left-field pop route. The remix of Tequila & Lemonade - only Basenji's second output for the year, after a low-key remix of Odette's Feverbreak earlier on - shows the two acts at their best; Basenji reinvigorating one of the no thank you, no thanks EP's peak moments with a rich twist of his signature charm, with popping synth and dancing melodies deepening the track's embrace of electronica.

"So cool to hear Basenji's new take on Tequila & Lemonade," says merci, mercy on the remix. "He gave it such a fun vibe, love the extra bubbles." It's a sentiment shared by Basenji, who felt drawn to merci's work as an exciting, Australian pop artist. "It was a delight to remix an exciting Australian artist. merci, mercy is doing amazing things! We've never met in person, but that's all part of the beauty of these unique circumstances that we find ourselves in - But maybe one day! I hope you have as much fun listening to this remix as I did making it"

You're sure to have a tonne of fun listening to Basenji's remix of Tequila & Lemonade, and you can see so for yourself as it premieres on Pilerats below ahead of its official release tomorrow, November 25th.

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