Premiere: Aphir - Rhoda

Premiere: Aphir - Rhoda

Check out ethereal Aussie producer’s addictive new experimental pop single before it drops tomorrow

Image Credit: Jess Brohier

Becki Whitton has been pushing electronic pop sounds forward under her Aphir alias for some time now, with four albums drawing acclaim from Australia and abroad. Continuing her addictive pop experimentations, Aphir is back with new single Rhoda out Friday August 5, and premiering on Pilerats today! 

Drawing equal inspiration from 17th century choral arrangements and modern hyperpop production, Rhoda sees restrained synths meet all manner of layered and processed vocals providing ethereal and otherworldly soundscapes before a propulsive drum break kicks things into overdrive providing the perfect juxtaposition… and causing involuntary body movements from anyone who listens.

On her new single, Aphir says Rhoda explores the idea of cutting off something that doesn’t work for you - a person, an institution, whatever, and choosing not to be bitter about that ending but instead focus on the things that nourish you (‘I lived to feel the water lap against my skin’).

Take a listen to Rhoda before it drops tomorrow!

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