Pink Matter interview one another, share new single You'll Never Know

Pink Matter interview one another, share new single You'll Never Know

The new single - which arrives alongside news of their signing to Daily Nightly - comes with production by Harvey Sutherland.

Over the last two years, Pink Matter have been quick to mark themselves down as a special group. Since emerging back with their five-track debut EP Human Error in 2018, the trio have become a formidable addition to Australia's indie-electronic world that take notes from a long-winding history of all-female groups and apply them to their own distinct selves, the end result at-times merging the worlds of Destiny's Child and TLC with acts in the modern electronica/indie/jazz realms, such as Perth's own Demon Days right through to acts like Hiatus Kaiyote.

As a result, they've quickly become celebrated as forces worth watching amongst Australia's burgeoning, genre-fleeting future. They've supported acts such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The Internet amongst slots at Laneway and Splendour (plus their own headline shows, too), while in recording, everything they've put out since has furthered the Queensland group's discography and deepened their sound, right down to a QMA win in the soul/funk/R&B category.

Their new single You'll Never Know is the beginning of a bright future forward for the three-piece, arriving with news of their signing to Daily Nightly - the label imprint of Melbourne-based touring company/festival owners Untitled Group - and coming with a big co-sign in the form of Melbourne electronic heavyweight Harvey Sutherland, who produced the track and worked alongside Pink Matter to really emphasise what makes the group special.

In turn, You'll Never Know is a shimmering delight that forges together old and new; Pink Matter aligning themselves in long-time influences that stretch through 90s-esque funk and disco right through to this potently rich soul sound that came long before it, all while bringing these sounds forward into 2020 with their own distinct edge in a way that really captures the group's brilliance. 

"This is a really special song for us, and we’re so stoked to have worked with Mike (Harvey Sutherland) again to bring it to life," the group say on the single. "You'll Never Know takes the perspective of a girl talking to her friend, telling her that, although she exudes beauty, she doesn't truly see it within herself. This is a feeling I get with so many of my intelligent and beautiful friends that don't have the inner confidence to see their own beauty. We're hoping that this song will help them (and anyone else feeling that way) to truly see how much everyone adores them!"

They're adamant that this more disco-influenced take on their traditionally quite R&B-focused sound is something they're keen to further explore in the future, but in the meantime, you can take a dive into You'll Never Know below, and read the girls interview themselves about the song - and heaps more - underneath it.

I: To both of you, what are your personal favourite songs that we’ve written, and what are both of your favourite songs to play live? Do you have any cute or funny memories attached to them?

K: My favourite song is one that we haven’t released yet, but from what we’ve released it would be You’ll Never Know because of the sentiment of the lyrical content!

I really enjoy performing Cleo as it has so much drama and it’s fun to head-bang to!

L: My favourite song we’ve written is YNK, the memory I have attached to this song is when we were playing live before release in Sydney and we started the build-up towards the keys part in the middle and the really small room of like 40 people had wide eyes and were really grooving out. So I think that’s my favourite song to play live as well.

I: Libs you have to deal with Kerry and I’s stupid jokes in rehearsal every single week . Do you have any funny/silly/stupid stories about us that you want to expose?

L: Exposing the stories would break the band room bond we have haha. But there are way too many to explain - I think my favourite is the English accents which you guys casually slide in and out of throughout rehearsals.

I: Kez!! Who are some of your idols that you look to for songwriting inspo? And who are some of your favourite artists at the moment?

K: My main songwriting inspos for the music are KAYTRANADA, The Internet and The Weeknd. Melody wise lately it’s been Sasha Keable, Jorja Smith, SZA and Syd!

K: For both of you! What has been your favourite tour of ours and why?

L: My favourite tour of ours would be early 2019 when we played Secret Garden just outside of Sydney and we drove down, it was such a good festival and I had the best time.

I: Favourite tour hmmm that’s so hard! Probably the Harvey Sutherland Sydney/Melbourne shows! We were so fresh/young/excitable and they were some of our first interstate shows. Super special and so grateful I got to share that experience with you guys.

K: Izzy, what two genres do you think you’ve listened to the most in 2020?

I: Omg genres hahahha my library is the most whack mix of them at the moment! I think 2020 has been lots of dance/rave music! Hard to place in a genre but some of my fav artists have been Kllo, old school Pendulum, The Presets, MoMa Ready, and Disclosure. In stark contrast, I’ve also really been loving artists like Lianne La Havas, From Indian Lakes, Joy. and Bloc Party. This year has been a bit all over the place for me and I think it shows hahahaha.

K: Libby, if you could have one drummer be your drum teacher for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

L: Oh my gosh this is so hard. I think I would have to go with Joy Williams who is Beyoncé’s drummer, she’s an absolute weapon and I would love to constantly pick her brain.

L: For both of you, which festival in the whole world do you really want to play?

I: Oooof Glastonbury! and I think Coachella would be super special with you guys! But I can’t wait for Splendour, so so excited!!

K: Definitely Glastonbury and Governors Ball in NYC!

L: Izz - if you could be sponsored by 1 clothing company who would it be?

I: Ooooooh good question! There are so many cool Australian designers that I love at the moment!!! I think Dion Lee is really cool and innovative, they’re probably my fav at the moment. I love the clothes and I would die to be there for fashion week runway shows, etc! The Australian fashion industry gets me so jacked though, I love it all so much and there are so many designers that I am a huge fan of!

L: Kerry - what was your top album/song of 2019?

K: My top album of 2019 was definitely Shea Butter Baby by Ari Lennox and song would be Monopoly by Ariana Grande.

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