Looking for some bass-house slammers? Dance Cult got you with new EP, The Calling

Looking for some bass-house slammers? Dance Cult got you with new EP, The Calling

Two of the best in the biz get it done over four pearlers.

Armed with a secret knowledge of knowing how to craft a banger or two, Dance Cult is the combined d-floor experience of Ben 'Benson' O'Connor and Michael 'Mike Metro' Mitropoulos, and The Calling EP is them stepping up to the plate to show the rest of you how it's done. Featuring a couple of just-them tracks along with a couple of vocal features from Rromarin (Come Over, What I Want) and Miracle (Pretty Girls), The Calling is a masterclass in bass-fuelled dancefloor groove from two dudes who've been getting it done for years in clubs all across the country. Unsurprisingly they've received early support from the likes of Shiba San, Don Diablo, The Aston Shuffle and Bixel Boys - tuck into The Calling and worship this Dance Cult long into the night:


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