Listen: Supershy - Happy Music / Something on my Mind

Listen: Supershy - Happy Music / Something on my Mind

Tom Misch unveils new project with two deep, diverse cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented, Tom Misch has made a name for himself with his addictive, vibe-packed blend of funk, jazz, neo soul, hip-hop, indie, r&b and more, that while very danceable, is not straight up what the kids these days call “dance music”. 

Enter his new alias Supershy to expand his repertoire to clubs, warehouses and headphones alike, as today he debuts two contrasting yet complimentary cuts, Happy Music and Something on my Mind.

The ever-so-appropriately titled Happy Music delivers on it’s titles promise, a disco-sampling uplifting slice of house music with an absolutely undeniable groove that will leave feet moving and heads nodding wherever it’s heard. Something on my Mind sees Misch heading in a breakbeat direction with chopped drums, arpeggiated synths and manipulated vocals coming together nicely. 

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