Listen: DJ Counselling - Kite Day / All the Things we've Been Through

Listen: DJ Counselling - Kite Day / All the Things we've Been Through

Following last year’s acclaimed Cool Air, British producer returns with hypnotic, layered release of deep house

Popping up on a lot of radars with his 2021 single Cool Air, featured in Spotify’s ‘Best Electronic Songs Of 2021’, London’s prolific DJ Counselling is back with some organic, luscious and layered electronic goodness in the form of new double single Kite Day / All the Things we’ve Been Through [TENFL014].

Kicking off with Kite Day, we’re treated to an entrancing slice of deep house, featuring trippy vocal samples and reverberated bells above a rumbling, rolling bass line and thumping 4/4 kick drum, sounding a bit like what might happen if Fred P, Bonobo and Pantha Du Prince had a late night studio session.

On the flip we get All the Things We’ve Been Through, opening with a psychedelic high pitched arpeggiated synth intro that expands and evolves over a subby, minimal bass line, continuously building a tension that is finally released by a jazzy, chopped up drum break.

As a treat the release includes his July track Moving Shadows, more reminiscent of Kite Day with its rolling deep house vibes.

On his new release, DJ Counselling says “I’m always searching for a certain feeling when creating music, the feeling I got before knowing about music production, when I used to tape radio shows in the late 90s, in particular, Mary Anne Hobb's "Breezeblock" show, then listen back on my walkman in the park the next day, when I thought the sounds came from space

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