Get to know Sydney lad Jonny Reebok and his vibey new slice of house, La Pression

Get to know Sydney lad Jonny Reebok and his vibey new slice of house, La Pression

His new colab with fellow Western Sydney product Eric Nortje is an absolute steamer.

After an icey cool entry into the fray last year with his singles Tyrone and You Don't Know Flavours Bwoy, Sydney-via-the-UK producer Jonny Reebok is bringing a house music vibe to the Australian electronic scene that is very on-trend. If you've been finding yourself gravitating to the lo-fi house sounds of the likes of DJ Boring, Mall Grab et al. you're going to find plenty to love with Jonny Reebok, and latest single La Pression (produced with pal Erin Nortje) is straight up heat. With one of the strongest vocal samples we've heard in a while (if you're not hooked in the first 10 seconds then perhaps seek your thrills elsewhere friend), it's the utterly intriguing production that lies underneath (letting the sample shine where it should) which will set your heart (and any dancefloor worth damn) on fire. 

The track also refreshingly comes with a bit of a social conscience, the two producers bonding over shared experiences of drugs and poverty in western Sydney, along with their hometowns of Johannesburg and Jonny from Ipswitch Town. In their own words, "La Pression is a voice for all those communities and any individual that struggles in silence but also a celebration of life."

Feel the rhythm below:

Tell us about yourself:

Born in Ipswich Town in the UK, I have spent the last 19 years deforming from a tractor boy into some type of festie Westie. Trying to live my best life and avoid them opal fines. Still figuring it tho.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

This is kinda random, but you know them days when it’s like 40 degrees, waiting for a train and you look down the train line and see bare heat waves, I like creating elements of my tracks around this feeling. I also like the idea of sitting somewhere in between club music and headphone music. The tracks I have out at the moment are house and drum'n'bass but it’s still early days for me ay, who knows what’s in the future?

Any shows coming up?

Release show for La Pression is on the 8th of Feb.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

More music lad.

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