Premiere: Listen to a warm and fuzzy new electro-pop jam from Islandis, Our World

Premiere: Listen to a warm and fuzzy new electro-pop jam from Islandis, Our World

They Sydney duo bring some very delightful vibes on their latest effort.

Sydney-based indie/electronic duo Islandis have unveiled an exciting new track drenched in euphoria and romanticism with their latest effort, Our World. It's only their third single, and follows on from their very warmly received first two singles, Your Lover and Home, which have already clocked up streams in the millions and a release through seminal French label Kitsune.

The combination of James Chave-Dubois' airy production and Ben McInerney's impossibly dreamy vocals have combined for an uplifting slice of indie/electronica, one that blends pop sensibilities with densely layered and shimmery production for a wonderful little slice of summery synth goodness. Check it out below:

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