Introducing Jamie Lane and his super unique debut single, Sink

Introducing Jamie Lane and his super unique debut single, Sink

A new face on the Brisbane producer scene who has us very intrigued after one track.

Jamie Lane is a very fresh face outta Brisbane who has us very enamoured with his debut single, Lane. An incredibly unique blend of quirky electronic elements, pop and R&B, it's one of the more unique singles we've heard in some time, and when you listen to the amount of music we do, that's always a really nice thing. We sent him a few questions to find out a little more ahead of what's shaping up to be an exciting year for the dude:

Tell us 'bout yourself?

I was born in Albury NSW and moved to Brisbane when I was 10, around that age I started playing the guitar and writing songs, also picking up piano a few years later. After spending a few months in the Philippines with my family on an outreach trip, I began producing organically at around 16, playing around with the waveforms of some band recordings I had accumulated. I started making electronic music at around that time mainly because I had so many ideas but felt I was limited by the instruments I had. I wanted to take my songs to the next level and was certainly allured by the seemingly infinite possibilities of sounds design. Iʼve been dedicated to creating electronic music ever since.

What kind of tunes?

I would say my stuff is fundamentally pop with R&B and experimental elements, I tend not to worry too much about genres though and just go with the flow.

Production/writing process:

Itʼs a bit different for each song really, each one has its own growth cycle. Whether itʼs a set of melodies thatʼs been drifting around my head for a while and then suddenly the impulse to tie them all together, or if itʼs something I bang out in couple of hours after a night out, itʼs very circumstantial. Sometimes Iʼll even start with the production and get inspired to write a top line over one of my beats.

Can you tell us about Sink?

Sometimes Iʼll wrestle with a project to drag out the deeper qualities of the melodies/themes. Sink was definitely one of those projects, the meaning is quite personal so I took my time with it. Basically itʼs about the fear of losing my passion for writing music due to an obsessive personality, and overcoming that by embracing new perspectives and influences.

Any shows coming up?

There will be a launch show coming up soon, stay tuned.

Whatʼs the rest of the year have in store?

A couple more single releases and then an EP launch together with a launch show. Iʼll also be putting out more content to promote the singles, things like live recordings of the songs, and possibly acoustic versions as well.

Where can we hear your music?

You can listen to my music on:

Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Unearthed.

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