Get a track by track run down of Amateur Dance's expansive new EP, Love System

Get a track by track run down of Amateur Dance's expansive new EP, Love System

It might only be four tracks but there's a lot here.

Off the back of a stand-out set at Splendour In The Grass, an appearance on Mixmag’s The Lab and props from the likes of Resident Advisor, Pitchfork and more, Melbourne producer Joseph Cookson AKA Amateur Dance is ready to cap off 2016 in style with a fantastic new EP, Love System. It's his first official label debut, with none other than renowned UK label Anjunadeep no less, and it's a meaty four-tracks of emotional electronica and house.

To celebrate its release, Cookson gave us a run-through of the four tracks, a process he actually found really cool:

"Thanks for having me to write about these, it was actually a really cool way to sit down and properly get my head around the EP and what it means to me as it's coming out. Peace! xx"

Tuck into the EP and his thoughts below, and buy the EP HERE.


This is my favourite one on the EP for sure! It came from one of those elusive sessions where you sit down to make music and everything comes together perfectly, two days pass in 10 minutes and you end up starving, exhausted and confused but with a really nice track in front of you. I don't usually gush about music that I make being good (hint: 'Amateur' Dance) but because it came together so quickly, I feel really great about the way all of the elements in this track fit together so neatly to create this like digital-analog-space-beach soundscape and I'm super proud of it.


I wanted to move away from electronic sounds a bit for this track (I'm aware of how typical that sounds), and also away from the kind of rigid, formula-driven arrangements I've usually gone with in favour of a more slow and steady progression. A few of the elements remind me of Tangerine Dream and I really like the atmosphere the vocal shots in the background create, particularly in the second half where it's all just loooong bassnotes and driving percussion.


I wanted to go totally over the line and make a completely overstated, loud and twinkly track about being in love that people would either love or hate, and that's what this is. I don't really have much else to say, go listen to it and I really hope you fall into the first group!


I really like the sung/glitched vocal part in this track and I had it for about two years before I finally worked out a track to put it in, but I feel like it has a good home here. That part of the track is sonically pretty much completely different to anything else I've done and is sort of inspired by a completely different, much more 'pop' area of electronic music, but I think it's part of what makes this a good one to close out the EP with and I really hope people enjoy it.

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