Meet JACKNIFE, the young Aussie producer who just dropped a collab with Dr. Fresch

Meet JACKNIFE, the young Aussie producer who just dropped a collab with Dr. Fresch

Dropping some huge down-tempo bangers that aren't getting love all over the world.

JACKNIFE is a sunny coast-based producer already gathering plenty of fans around the world for his particular brand of down-tempo electro bangers, and just this month he's dropped collabs with Dr. Fresch (on his latest EP No Introduction) and most recently Kedzie. Needless to say, with the backing of some of the world's heaviest hitters in dance music, it's definitely time to get to know him a little better - check it out below:

Tell us about yourself?

Yo, my name is Jack Duggan also known as JACKNIFE, 23 years young from the Sunshine Coast Queensland and I produce dark underground down-tempo electro house music. I have been producing music for about 3-4 years now. In my past career I was competitively surfing professionally but now just free surf with some sponsor support from clothing brand Barney Cools.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

You can expect a lot of heavy, down tempo projects along with a bunch of new heavier house tracks too and also a couple of cheeky surprise genre tunes that I will throw out every now and again. I want to make music that's totally different to anything people have heard which is super difficult because there are so many talented producers out there atm. Shout out to all the homies makin' dope stuff.

Production/writing process:

So currently I am using FL Studio 12 as my DAW. When I start a tune I normally have a rough idea of what I'm gonna do wether that's starting with a drop or a deep melodic breakdown and basically build around that. Most important thing I learnt is that if you aren't feeling a tune don't push yourself to finish it, take a break or even work on something else that you might have in the works. It's got to be a smooth workflow otherwise you'll become extremely exhausted. I also mix and master my own tunes once I have finished the production side just to get them exactly the way I want it.

Can you tell us about your new single with Kedzie – Neutron and your Dr Fresch collab, Blow Up?

Let's start with Blow Up - Tony (Dr. Fresch) is an awesome mate of mine - we actually met not on his last Australian tour but the one before that and we kept in contact. I sent him a bunch of my earlier projects and he was vibin' it and that's when we started Blow Up late last year. Super stoked to have it on his EP on Insomniac records. Big shout out brother.

Neutron with Kedzie - I remember hearing a tune that Black Tiger Sex Machine were rinsing for a while and figured that it was an unreleased tune by Kedzie. I messaged him about the tune and when it was getting released and what not, when Dave hit me up to do a tune I was amped, and then four months down the track we have Neutron. Shout out Dave you legend.

Any shows coming up?

Super excited to start the very first run of shows, since only one of the shows has been announced I can say that is the new Lot54 venue opening night in Penrith, Sydney featuring Party Thieves, Blanke and myself.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

You can expect a couple of my favourite originals and remixes to come out and also I have just finished my very first EP which I am hoping to release late 2018/early 2019, also a bunch of shows yet to announce around Australia.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Soundcloud, Spotify, Beatport, Soundcloud Extra Cuts.


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