Check some exclusive BTS snaps/words from Elle Watson's stellar new EP, Clinchers

Check some exclusive BTS snaps/words from Elle Watson's stellar new EP, Clinchers

The five-tracker more than confirms her status as a big 2018 One To Watch.

Elle Watson is a UK-based artist very much on the rise, and her just-released EP Clinchers is proof in the pudding. Dropping last week (stream it below or grab it HERE), it's a showcase for an artist personally tapped by production legend Paul Epworth a few years ago, and one listen through makes it pretty obvious why. Both gentle and powerful at the same time, Watson's vocals are complimented to perfection with production nods from such revered acts as Clams Casino, Glass Animals' Dave Bayley and Epworth himself.

And there's nothing we love more than artists who are open and honest with us about their process, so we're beyond chuffed to share an in-depth track by track from Watson, along with the handwritten lyrics for the tracks, and some exclusive BTS snaps from the recording process at Epworth's The Church Studios and home of the Wolf Tone label, by photographer Kalina Pulit.

You can take it all in below, and keep an eye on Watson, we've got no doubt that profile is only going to soar to great heights in 2018 and beyond.


elle watson ep track by 01

Originally it was going to be called Down With Me because it’s about longing for someone to be on the same level as you. Though I travelled with this person on a beautiful journey, there were times where I felt disconnected. There was a constant battle in my head whether or not to bow down to social pressure, and by not doing so caused us to drift apart. Therefore the main feeling I was left with was "Pressure" which ended up as the title of the song.

elle watson lyrics Pressure


elle watson ep track by 02

Track 2 on the EP is Bruised. It’s a song about comforting somebody who’s heart you know you’re about to break. At times once you’ve made up your mind, it’s very difficult for the other person to understand why you need to let go - especially if they’ve done nothing wrong. It’s a melancholic love song. Interesting story - there is no lyric with the word "bruised" in it. When we opened the session in Pro Tools to record this track, my engineer and I had to think of a name. We were laughing about how over the weekend we had managed to get covered in bruises for various reasons, so we named the session ‘Bruised’ as a placeholder. It subconsciously got me thinking about a situation and the name just stuck.

elle watson lyrics Bruised


elle watson ep track by 04

Suspended is a song about finding strength in the unknown, how sometimes choosing to turn a blind eye is the best option for protecting yourself. However the truth always surfaces and reality will sink in, causing your whole foundation to collapse. I watched someone fall into a dark, downward spiral and eventually I was left only in darkness - I’m still not sure if I’ve been able to shake that off. Yet for a while I was blinded, totally and utterly suspended.

elle watson lyrics Suspended


elle watson ep track by 05

Track number four is Glued. This song is an example of where I got an inkling of an idea, multiplied it by 100 and vomited all over the page. If you’ve ever got ‘the ick’ from somebody then this is for you. It’s the inner dialogue you might go through as you start to feel pressure from somebody. It conveys the sense of confinement you feel when you know the person has the best intentions, but you need them to simply go away. The lyrics are a little scattered as I couldn’t really make sense of why I was feeling this way, the only thing I knew was that I felt glued to someone’s side.

elle watson lyrics Glued


elle watson ep track by 06

The last track on the Clincher’s EP is Lost. I think this might be my favourite song I’ve written so far. The feeling of loneliness is something I struggle with daily. Despite being pretty extroverted, my batteries are drained incredibly quickly and I become a total introvert. Despite knowing this about myself, I’m not sure I could’ve expected the full effect heartbreak would have on me. I guess this song is exactly what it says on the tin, heartache and feeling lost.

elle watson lyrics Lost

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