Six chilled-out electronic tunes you might have missed

Six chilled-out electronic tunes you might have missed

Some carefree electronica courtesy of some fantastic producers from around the world.

It's been a tough few weeks - we get it. You're trying to get back into the swing of things at work after a super relaxing Christmas break, all whilst the debt and dad-bod developed over said Christmas break creeps up on you and gets you down in the dumps. Not to mention the fact that it's the middle of the week with no end of the weekday-tunnel in sight. Not to worry, because we've got your back thanks to the power of music. Because it seems to work a treat for us, we figured it would for you guys too, so here's our mid-week blues prescription - some super rad, chilled-out pieces of blissful electronica to turn your Wednesday from a solid 2, to at least an 8 (hey, we're being reasonable).

Spaces - Will Wait

Sydney producer Spaces is someone we've featured before, with his chilled-out, future-bass-infused productions tantalizing us since day dot. His new single, Will Wait, continues this laid-back, yet up-beat sound, with swirling synth, pitched vocal cuts and bouncy percussion combining for something that sounds like the love child of Porter Robinson and Wave Racer. He's also released a second single recently called Don't Want, which takes on a more Bonobo-sounding vibe sporting a really beautiful, syncopated, percussion-heavy drop.

Pacific Heights - Airborne feat. Deanne Krieg

Having already drummed up a reputation with his work as a part of New Zealand drum 'n' bass kings Shapeshifter, Pacific Heights is a new production alias of New Zealander Devin Abrams. His newest work, Airborne, takes on a nice Purity Ring-sounding feel, with a synth-dominated drop squeezed in between light vocals from friend Deanna Krieg, combining to create a well-polished debut single. It creates something up-beat and soulful, yet dark and haunting in a way that I can't quite put my finger on.

Josh Jacobson & Skela - Not Alone (pictured above)

 (A pairing stronger than Batman and Robin, the combination of Josh Jacobson's smooth production and Skela's uplifting vocal work creates something really special on Not Alone, a new collab the two released a while back. Skela's vocals soar above a blissful future-bass-styled beat, which is tinged with elements of funk and tropical electronica. The video to the single dropped the other day as well, which is definitely worth checking out if you have time.

Ekkah - Small Talk (prod. by Tourist)

London disco-pop duo Ekkah is definitely an artist you should be keeping an eye on, with a unique, vocal-dominated disco-pop sound that is sure to make it big. Their latest single, Small Talk, boasts production credits by Tourist and his touch to the single is evident, with the single being a well-produced, glistening gem of electro-pop that'll easily satisfy radio heads and alternative listeners alike.

Batts - What Is Love

Intercontinental duo Batts have stepped up their game recently, creating quite a stir with some recent, quality singles. They've just released a cover of Haddaway's What Is Love, which sees the duo add a delicate electro-pop tinge to the single, with soft keys and saxophone swirling around atmospheric vocals, creating a cover of the single which will force you to look past the un-escapable video clip of Jim Carrey singing along to the tune on Saturday Night Live and take the single seriously - something that's pretty damn hard to do.

Yoste - Chihiro

Hailing from Brisbane, Yoste is a rather new producer on the scene, but you can't tell at all when it comes to his new single Chihiro. A quiet blend of soft electronica and indie, Chihiro combines the vocal style and soft guitar of Bon Iver with a blissful, electronic-tinged beat, creating something actually extremely enjoyable and carefree.

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