Watch: Buckland - Cuck the Fops

Watch: Buckland - Cuck the Fops

Check out the dark, tongue-in-cheek new single & video from multidisciplinary Boorloo/Perth based artist

Playing all around the WA scene with Man Sandal is David Stewart who also makes music under his alias Buckland, today releasing the blend of “surreal, camp, theatrical and gothic” that is Cuck the Fops, featuring fellow-WA based creative MAX BLACK.

Bringing the 80s kicking and screaming into 2022, Cuck the Fops combines elements of indie pop and new wave with post-punk and krautrock influences, while being “about the intersection of anger with authority and submitting to its power. I wanted to explore how you can weaponise lust and break taboos, and pull those up on a pedestal down to a primal level.”

On the Buckland project as a whole, Stewart says “Buckland is an alter-ego, and is a project created to bridge the divide between contemporary theatre and contemporary music, and intended to exist in both spaces. Bucklands crash landed on Earth from my home planet and now we’re making music that’s halfway between these two worlds.” 

With an EP on the way, stay tuned for all things Buckland and give Cuck the Fops a watch and listen:


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