EP Walkthrough: WizTheMc's Where Silence Feels Good

EP Walkthrough: WizTheMc's Where Silence Feels Good

The 22-year old muti-lingual, multi-genre artist walks us through missed connections and hazy nights

Finding your own, authentic-yet-unique voice as an MC is an exercise that takes years to achieve - if ever. South African-born, German-raised and now Toronto-based WizTheMc has managed to do just this by the age of 22, and one can only assume his grasp of multiple languages has played a part in him developing his seemingly effortless, cool delivery. 

Not scared to jump between and mesh seemingly disparate genres, Wiz’s music combines undeniably smoked out hip-hop with emotional indie pop, with guitars taking centre stage over synths alongside sequenced drum samples. The result is the best of both worlds, catchy pop songs with a hip-hop sensibility, all showcasing Wiz’s skills as an MC and lyricist.

Making his mark on 2022 nice and early, we’re excited to see what Wiz has in store for us next - in the meantime, soak up his new EP Where Silence Feels Good out today and get the stories behind the songs with Wiz’s vivid and visceral walkthrough:


Everything is phase one. The fall. This song has probably one of my favourite how-it-came-about stories. I came directly from a different studio session and met Jeff Hazin at a restaurant where we had a beer and a burger (seemingly the perfect recipe). We entered, sat down and he started playing the intro chords right away. Two minutes later I had written down the chorus melody and words. The rest of the song was written within 20minutes. I feel like the other session earlier that day helped me open up the creative channel and clear some shit out. So when I pulled up at this one with the novelty goggles that come with a new space and new vibe, I was just ready to get something out. 


This one was straight forward. Just a feeling that was on the tip of the mind and the tip of the tongue. I had just started liking a girl in L.A. and the way my brain works I already saw us in love. Mind you we’ve only been on two dates at that point. Everything about this song felt natural... even though I felt a little exposed during the session..like am I revealing too much about my romantic life? I was in the room almost about to blow it by asking myself to many questions but just stayed with it. But yeah those honest and vulnerable songs usually turn out the best.


After a breakup it's easy to have a bitter taste in the mouth about the person you’ve spent so many important moments with. For me there have been phases of denial, of how much they meant to me and how much I actually wished it could’ve worked out. Break talks about feelings we tend to have after a relationship doesn’t go as planned. This was the first track I ever finished with Hazin. At our second ever session. I actually wasn't sure after the first one if I wanted to do another but my manager Jacob pushed me to try one more. Break came out of it, we were all blown away and we been living happily ever after. Break is the second chapter in the love story being observed in Where Silence Feels Good. 


Do It Over to me describes the deeper post relationship phase, the coming to terms after a breakup. At that point you reflect on all the beautiful memories you’ve had with the person and allow yourself to feel how important they were to you and actually wonder how they are doing. Sometimes it leads to the place where you start to open your heart and are willing to do love all over again, no matter the consequences. Sometimes it doesn't at all. That's cool, thats life. We wrote this one at a remote cabin/studio location north of Toronto.  


Another masterpiece produced by Jeff Hazin. He did 5 of them on here. Some of them, I believe this one included, were at a lake house during covid summer 2020. This one isn't about any particular relationship at all. Rather about the entire experience of love or the lack of love that is created over time and a person's feeling towards it. There are moments where all you can do is
 bask in all of it. Reminisce on the moments that brought us together. And the opposite, the attempt to find the red flags and the things that warped all of it. This one has a bunch of sides represented. Now when I listen to it though the only thing I really see is the thousands of lighters in the air when this gets played out at my future arena tours. 


To give the whole EP a little breather from these heavy heartbreak anthems, I’ve added “Like That” (spoiler alert…its still emotional). The session where Sam and I wrote this song was probably one of my favourite sessions I’ve had with another artist. He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve met in LA. So happy to have him and his talent featured on WSFG. Jared on the guitar and Jeff on the board. 


Similar to Premature Love , Emptyhanded was me coming into the studio with a feeling right at the front of my brain. An experience that I was in the middle of playing with in my head. So many songs of mine, of course the ones on this EP as well, talk about past or existing romantic experiences. I realized when I was picking songs for the project that this track kind of fills the spectrum of love beyond the emotional ride of a relationship. This story is about a connection that never was. And generally about moments where things didn’t work out at all. Yes I got friendzoned and I made this song for the girl who I’ll never ever date. Thank you. 

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