Premiere: Stream Dianas' debut self-titled album in full

Premiere: Stream Dianas' debut self-titled album in full

A beautiful debut album from one of WA's most exciting young acts.

A couple of weeks ago we shared the third track from WA outfit Dianas upcoming album that had us salivating at the prospect of a debut LP which we are supremely excited about getting to share with you a few a days before its official release. Befitting of Favourite Places it's a luscious 10 tracks of dreamy indie-pop, and an incredibly assured debut from a group that's always shown plenty of promise since first coming to national attention with their St Jerome's Laneway Festival appearance earlier this year. We sent a few questions to Nathalie Pavlovic (who along with Caitlin Moloney and new drummer John Lekias comprise Dianas) to celebrate the release, which you can read under the stream below.

The album is being released on limited vinyl and CD, and will be launched at The Rosemount Hotel this Friday 4 September with support from Sex Panther, HAMJAM, HUSSY and Catlips (DJ Set) - Facebook event HERE.

You've had a hectic year so far, how was Laneway back towards the start?!

Laneway was amazing! It was pretty surreal, perfect festival vibes in beautiful surroundings and weather, not to mention the amazing bands who played. Maybe it was the generous rider but we had a great time (despite our initial reservations about the very large stage).

What's it been like having John on board?

It’s been great, although he does have quite a schedule to work around given he’s usually in three or four bands at any one time – one of those also probably being the most prolific live band in Perth (Doctopus). He’s also very patient with our garbled explantations of what kind of drum beats we want for parts, it’s like he reads our minds sometimes.

You've covered support slots for the likes of Abbe May and Alpine, are there any artists you'd like to work or perform with next?

If there's some sort of magic wand thing happening, then Sleater-Kinney were one of those bands that were the ultimate dream to open for. That's just one example, that's such a hard question!

dianas supporting alpine

Dianas supporting Alpine at the recent #JDFuturelegends CIRCO Sessions by Matsu Photography.

Your latest tracks have a particularly ethereal atmosphere to them, was there a particular sound or feeling you were after with the album?

I guess that atmosphere happens quite organically because of the way our voices work together, so it’s not necessarily something we are consciously trying to create. It usually becomes more interesting when the instrumental parts are more tense and direct, so the prettiness has a harder edge to it. Overall just trying to leverage the natural quality of our singing and playing styles into something interesting. We’ve sort of been discovering our sound as we go along, getting a little bit closer to the sounds and feelings we want as we go.

More broadly, what are the lyrical themes explored in these ten tracks?

The songs are just mostly about the complexities that arise in trying to navigate life and relationships. There are fleeting moments of clarity that barely last to the end of any one song. Just trying to work shit out, basically.

Talk us through your usual songwriting process?

We don’t really have much of a process in place. For the most part with this album Caitlin would have a half-written song that she would bring to the rest of the band to make into something whole through the magic of jamming. 

Lastly, what's in store for the rest of 2015?

Most of our planning will culminate with the launch show this weekend, and hopefully a little tour over east following that. We’re also playing Rottofest and are thinking that experience will be indicative of the rest of the year – a fun relaxing party time o((*^▽^*))o.

dianas album launch