Get the first listen of Surf Trash's v-important new song, Friends

Get the first listen of Surf Trash's v-important new song, Friends

It's the first taste of new music since their ripper debut EP Busy Doing Nothing, and comes after a sold-out run of headline shows.

Header photo by Tom Page.

Over the last twelve months, one of the more electrifying new bands to pop up on our radars has been Surf Trash, a NSW-based teenage trio who have been whipping up quite the frenzy lately with an explosive, surf-rock-inspired sound that feels like the cult-adored genre taking a bright step into the future - at the hands of one of the youngest newcomers in the genre, no less. In our case, there was the Pilerats-premiered, high-octane anthem Insane - "Insane sees Surf Trash up the energy in what's easily their liveliest single yet, mixing bright, soaring hooks with swirling guitars and rapid percussion for a single that sees them really burst out the gates," we said on its release - followed by an exciting debut EP in Busy Doing Nothing, a six-strong collection of tracks that included some of their most powerful work as a group thus far.

Now, five months on, we're ready for their next chapter, and it comes in the form of Friends - their first single since. Friends is a slight change of direction for Surf Trash but not so much in the musical sense - their trademark, surf-rock thrash is still present - but in the sense that Friends signals an evolution for the band in a lyrical sense as they focus on storytelling and songwriting for their most personal track to date. "When listening to the song it sounds like it’s about trying to chase someone you think you might be into or even love, but it’s actually about being aware of your own mental health," says Andy on the single, which arrives off the back of a completely sold-out run of headline shows - with plenty more to come. "In saying that it’s also about chasing a group of people you wanna be apart of. Having a circle of people you can trust and a supportive network around you is incredibly important when you’re going through some of those harder times. Realising which people you can actually trust as “friends” and learning it’s not about the quantity of friends you have in life, but the quality, that’s what is most important. We don’t talk enough about the importance of our mental health and for us young adults and the youth, it can often be a very scary thing to talk about. Find your group, look after your friends and even though it’s hard to, reach out when you need support."

Dive into the track below before its official release tomorrow:

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