Premiere: Perth's Shangrila drop new single Let You Down; new EP out next week

Premiere: Perth's Shangrila drop new single Let You Down; new EP out next week

The alt-rockers will be sharing their next EP Analog Youth on August 27th, with a launch show the following day.

Despite everything the world's thrown at them, 2021 is shaping up to be a defining year for Shangrila's trajectory. In recording, they followed up their one-off single Happy last year with two more; Lift Me Up and Waiting showing two different sides of the three-piece as they continue to break down their sound and bring new energies to it as they grow and evolve. Then, there is their presence on the live stage as one of Perth's defining new acts, as shown through shows littering the year thus far (when it's been safe to do so, that is).

The entire journey has been building towards the release of their next EP Analog Youth, scheduled for release next Friday, August 27th. It's an EP said to be a long time coming for the group, showing how they've furthered their sound, their image and their overarching vision in the few years since their last EP Love And Leaving back in 2018 - a release that really propelled Shangrila to the next echelon of Perth's rushing alt-rock world. Over the course of the EP's five tracks, the trio are set to break down their journey through adulthood and everything that encompasses, something that again shows on the EP's third single Let You Down.

Premiering on Pilerats today, Let You Down is amongst the most poignant tracks Shangrila have put out, further exploring the emotive connection they hold to their work - and the reflection often encapsulated within that - as they explore the depths of a relationship and the effects relationships can have on mental health. "As the song progresses, it follows the relationship breaking down due to the person not allowing themselves to trust their partner from fear of history repeating," says vocalist Devyn Jupp. "Once they are finally able realise the root of the problem is not from their present situation but from the ghost of the past relationship its already too late."

It's a theme that Shangrila break down through their captivating soundscapes, digging into the nostalgia of classic alt-rock but bringing it forward with twists and turns to prevent their sound from feeling too indebted to the past. Nevertheless, the vocals and lyricism of Let You Down steal the show. "I've always found it interesting how every experience we have throughout our lives shapes the person we grow into and once you know the details of people’s past life experiences and relationships you start to understand how they have become the person they are today."

The single premieres today alongside an official video clip directed by David Aidlow, and with their next EP Analog Youth just a short week away, it's clear that the next few months are going to be Shangrila's for the taking. 

Take a dive into the video below ahead of its official release later in the week, and then catch them launch the EP at The Rosemount on August 28th, supported by Nautical Mile, Stonehands and Pinwheel. Find more information and tickets to that here.

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